Friday, January 14, 2011

Pictures Via La Tana Del Leone, Homme Times, & The Fashionisto

From the wild street to fashionshoot, from the fight club to runway... these bruised look bit represents the bad boy images and military look trend in men's fashion for Fall 2010 collections, they are Dsquared2 (photo 2) and Jean Paul Gaultier (photo 4) and also Climent Chabernaud by David Roemer for GQ Style Russia (photo 3), where he wear another fashion label collection such as Burberry Brit, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvi, John Hardy, Tateossian London, Burberry Prorsum, Michael sebastian and Gant.


  1. I love this. I did a photo shoot last year in May for my band with black eyes, torn lips and bruised jaws - all done by a beautiful make up artist. Let me know if you'd like to see them!
    This look goes so well with the clothing.
    Lucy xx

  2. Wow what is going on? Fashion is killing it right now... Literally! I'm actually not feeling this though... I guess I can understand the artistry/vision behind it, but it's over the top... But fashion is.. So I can't be mad at it!


  3. Like I said the bad-ass-ness of this look totally does it for me!!! I can appreciate a mainly man, specially with great personal style!!! lol

    -Deborah Artaza

  4. Idk, but i totally loving this look on these HOTT boys!! =)

  5. I'm not a big fan of it to be honest, but I have to say, those first two pictures that you put up from that spread got the look spot on. They actually make bruises look sexy haha, but that could just be the photoshopping and colours because the runway look in particular just really isn't doing it for me.

  6. i've seen this before. and i that was totally insane! The make up, the clothes, and the models is blending... Love this Campaign so much!

    Visit my blog then.. it'n on Bahasa (indonesian) then.. :) thanks before..

  7. I actually love this long as it doesn't get too repetitive (so another one this year would definitely be repetitive!). But that's just me, I'm not into metro sexual men. I prefer my men to look badass and as if they've done a day's hard toil. That just made me sound incredibly sexist. :(



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