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Hello all, I am so glad that my blogs viewers started come from international visitors, indeed the content of my blog is still just about any fashion comment for now. I really want to make this things more dynamic, actual, informative and of course can meet all of your fashion passion.
But all this requires a mature process so that I can provide the best that I can deliver to you all.
Any comments and suggestions can you send it to my email... See you All :)
"Dear Man,

I shed everything what I feel about you through this letter.
it has been several months now I have not heard anything from you.
even it is seem you do not try to looking for me at all.
what you feel bored with me? if it is true, better be we just enough for this relationship.
I just want to look for another man
because there are so many man who want a live with me. I am so sorry, YOU LOST ME.



That letter above may be sent by the money if you lose your job, although the sound would be different if the money is lost because of being robbed or you have just bought a pair of Maison Martin Margiella ankle boots complete with newest monogram Louis Vuitton bag. Might be in this shopping case you will feel some satisfaction and happiness or even felt disappointed instead if you're the type that is not wise with your own money. Losing, loss in any form as long as it is something good in your life, it is certainly somewhat pathetic.

When you hear something about losing, what you will feel is sadness, disappointment, desperation, discouragement and all the negativity that all you can imagine. Sometimes it is make you stuck and refuse to move forward, but for some people it is something can remind you that everything basically is not yours. Something for sure behind it all is such stored mystery that will lead us to a better place, better level, better LIFE. How about lose your job? it can make your life better?

Losing job, somehow intentionally or unintentionally is a lot of things that will affect your life, especially at first is difficult to get a job like that, in other words it is a million people dream job. But of course it is not the end of the world, because i believe you have anything else that you loves to do,something that you will put some excitement and soul on it. And all of it will bring you to what i called "loves your job so that you will love your life"

It's like the golden rule that you really have to love your job, can be said that your job is your life partner. How come, of course it is, you live almost everyday with your works, even sometime you spend more time for it. What will happen if you are not into your job? yes, you are not loves your life partner and that is so awful, is like you can not sleep tight and had bad eating. It is feels so difficult if she ask you to come, to join in with her watching DVD and she will cook delicious culinary for you as gratitude, contrarily is feels very easy and with pleasure if she asked to buy Birkin bag by Hermes or Loubutin heels for her because you know that it will make her happy and your days will happily afterward.

In other story you were given a rare Opportunity to have your dinner in executive, luxury and expensive restaurant. You dressed up, come with smile and proud, you see around and feel very excited until you sit in your table, order some "pate de fois gras" , looks so delicious and very inviting but when first slice and first bite, you just think that you better be eat a bowl of noodles in Chinese food restaurant. Yes, your job is what you eat everyday, but do not think to eat noodles everyday, from a millions types of foods there is a thousand that will be your fave.

Loves it and live it, although when you lose your job, you also lose your income, yes your money leave you behind. But that money is something that you can get anywhere. You cannot just love its money without love its job, you should loves they both. When something like this is happen to you, is time to start to moving forward, to think about what your dream lovely job that you want to live with it and start to reach it. And  for the money that leaves you behind, you can send some reply text like;

"Dear Money,

Forgive me have been ignored you.
Impressed did not seek and need you.
But there is something missing in my life and i have to seek and get it back,
To make my life more meaningful make me happy to live this way. 
And i think i will look for the other money, money which is understand me, completed my life. 
I am so sorry seems that i am not completely lose you.

                                                                                             Your Man"
Buckler - Spring 2011

Pictures Via Style/Buckler

What??? Yes, Just 2 of buckler spring 2011 collections... i can not say anything else.. even the trouser just only for skinny man...overall ----5 from 10----
Bottega Veneta - Spring 2011

Pictures Via Style/Bottega Veneta

This is what i called smart and genuine, there is still correlation between this and last season's collection, different but still Bottega Veneta. This time they present High-soled white lace up shoes, yes if it is made thinner, it is will look like Versace. Shiny jacket, sandals, shorts although i better choose from band of outsider. The wristband, accessories..and a wonderful handbag simple with selection of a masculine turquoise. High fashion.----8,5 from 10----
Billy Reid - Spring 2011

Pictures Via GQ/Billy Reid

What i loves is handbags and the bow tie, just only that and might be you can just blend with Prada or Hermes shoes, i guess is better. The pants and jackets...what i see is "i have this,this and this...lets mix it and i do not care what will people say about this"...ya but with limited items that you have now, it does not mean you can mix whatever you want...but just be who you is all about freedom...but for this overall -----6.5 from 10-----
Bespoken - Spring 2011

Pictures Via GQ/Bespoken

Yes we've got bespoken shown with four buttons jackets, looks to the jeans are folded above the ankle and i see the pajamas, silver metallic pajamas.. i don't know is that pajamas or not, but fashion is not 24 hours job right. -----6.5 from 10-----
Band of Outsider - Spring 2011

Pictures Via  GQ/Band of Outsider

yay yay yay looks as smart fashion, it is old but like a new old, you know what i mean. See the short pants (check), the glasses (check), the ankle boots (check)...and you can see to the animal print boat shoes,..but overall -----7.5 from 10-----
Balmain - Spring 2011

Pictures Via GQ/Balmain

OK Rock Star, all jeans, jackets and boots shoes. You are ready to perform in front of hundreds or even thousands of your fans,, or at least if you are not a rock star this outfit is suitable to wear for concert event... ya you wear a boots... -----7 from 10-----