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Sunday, October 10, 2010
Last night i went to TOPMAN just to look some accessories like wristband, rings and key ring, of course after i opened topman official website. But unfortunately one of my obsession must be postponed because i have to wait a new stock. Let's see whats the items that really i wanted to have...
Leather and Chain Wristband

You can see intricate woven leather combined with chain that looks wild, very convenient for use in time to attend musical events and even art exhibitions, this thing will make your appearance look more free and flowing.

Topman Leather Key Ring

Like finding a pirate treasure, a mysterious key chain made of you who dare to make this as a vehicle key chains and even room keys. Blend of golden color and a dull color of its skin hanger, just make it as belonging to you if you are adventurous...we will see :)

Topman Stretch Wings Ring

Ring that looks strong and seems inspired by ancient Greece all at once will make you look like a gladiator, make me can not wait to see the ring on my finger trapped. :)
Topman Chunky Weaved Wristband

Looks like a belt when it is wristband,specially with a shiny dark brown color which is often used as the main color classy belts. This wristband could be an option to be used to add style. But never wear the belt with the same model with bracelets, if you do not want to appear inappropriate
Topman Navy Geo Snood Scarf
Ethnic scarf looks very suitable for use with plain white top, gray, dark blue and black or green army too..not impressed complicated..make your appearance looks different.

All pictures from TOPMAN

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