With the holiday season upon us, it is time to start thinking about gifts! Whether you are gifting to a loved one, to a hosting family, or really anyone, there are some gifts that are always a great idea no matter who you are gifting it to!

Here is a holiday gift guide that offers ideas for anyone in your life:

A beautiful book

A beautiful book is always a great gift. Whether the gift recipient loves to read or it would be more decorative, a book is a great option no matter the budget or how fancy you want the offering to be. A cookbook, a classic, a coffee table book, or perhaps a book from a genre you know is already loved are all great ideas here! It is something that the receiver will have for years and will always be special.

Luxury skincare set

A luxury skincare set is one of those items that you may not always purchase for yourself but you may love to receive! If you have a skincare lover in your life or you want to gift someone an item to support self-care, consider options like the BlueLagoon beauty gifts or a set from a brand you know they already love. 

A pair of warm slippers

Warm slippers are a must for the cold weather and just around the house! They are cozy to slip into and some people like to or even need to replace them each year particularly if they are well-worn. A gift of a pair of warm slippers that are of good quality, won’t under or overheat the feet, or break down quickly during one season is a great idea.

Aero garden

An Aero garden is a way you can grow herbs and small vegetables without soil or sun! It self-waters and you can grow beautiful herbs and greens right on your kitchen counter. This makes for a welcomed gift for those with a green thumb and those without one!

Bluetooth speaker

A Bluetooth speaker that is portable will last years and get constant use. If you know of the brand the gift receiver already has one in, you can check to see if there is a second Bluetooth speaker that you can get to connect to it so they can have the same music flowing from the house and yard- all connected. 


A humidifier is one of those items that you don’t know how much you need until you have one. Not to mention, people often will have multiple humidifiers placed throughout their homes to combat dry air at home. It makes all the difference for sleep especially when placed in the bedroom. Bonus if it has an integrated essential oil diffuser.

Do you have any other suggestions for unisex gifts that you have loved to receive or think would make a great gift?

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