Cordelia Cruises is India's premium cruise line

TOP 7 REASONS PEOPLE LOVE FAMILY TRAVEL ROOM SERVICE ON A CRUISE SHIP - It's the time of the year again when all families will gather and plan to travel together, any Ideas in mind? and where to go this time? America, Europe, or Asia? so many questions really, but how to plan an easy family trip effortlessly? You may put a family cruise on the list of considerations.

All family can have their own fun ways of activities but never go anywhere too far away, except when the ship is docked and there is special limited time to explore the land, the rest you won't be so much worried about the travel with family or large group. The main reason why people love cruising, there is no extra stress, you board the ship and you enjoy as much as you want because the itinerary is more likely clear and it's the best option if you plan family travel, and moreover, the cruise route you want to try is a new destination, like India for example.

Then, I am learning about Cordelia Cruises, and it's on my bucket list in a heartbeat. Cordellia Cruises is India's premium cruise line. It's been a long-time dream for me to go to India (and the neighboring country too), I hope I can make that dream come true soon and experience the scenery by cruising? it will be the next level. Cordelia Cruises & Its Types such as from Mumbai to Goa, or even from Chennai to Jaffna in Sri Lanka, you can explore the routes starting from a 2-night to a 5-night cruise. That would be an unforgettable yet luxurious cruise experience.

So, are you start thinking to explore India and beyond with a luxurious cruise journey? Especially with family, no wonder the booking request is soaring, and while enjoying cruising, people love to have room service more than ever, both for your travel with a large group or a romantic cruise getaway.

Family Cruise Vacation Requests are Soaring, Booking Requests Are Up 285 Percent,

Cruise Travelers Rate Cabin Room Service High on Their “Menu” of Cruise Ship Amenities

Family cruise requests are soaring. Taking the entire family on a cruise is a great value and family experience. Cruise consumers put room service high on their ‘menu’ of desirable options on a cruise.

Here’s a quick rundown on the Top 7 reasons people love room service on a cruise ship.

Of course, details depend on the cruise line and cruise ships, as well as sometimes the cabin category, such as suites.

  1. There is nothing that feels more indulgent than having your cabin steward awaken you with the aroma of fresh coffee and home-baked croissants and pastries.
  2. Families especially often find a need to have cabin room service at various times of the day and night, especially when children are of various ages and not all might be ‘dining-room’ ready.
  3. It can provide some couples with a romantic interlude alone in their cabin.
  4. While there are usually so many dining options no matter what you are doing, if you’ve had a busy day, you might deserve a break and want to dine in.
  5. Sometimes on a cruise you just might like to order some food to enjoy in the comfort of your cabin.
  6. Children – they never stop being hungry – good to know food is always available mostly 24 / 7
  7. If your cabin category offers room service at any time, why not!

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