BEST HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS FOR FREQUENT TRAVELERSWhen you’re working on finding a great home security system, the options are always changing, and even the biggest home security companies are always coming up with new products. However, as a frequent traveler, you want to have a sense of peace about both your possessions within your house and feel like your home is protected from any kind of breaking and entering. At the same time, you always want to know how your home will appraise and whether this security system contributes to the home’s value.


The best way to choose your latest home security system in a way that holds your home secure and even could increase its value is to figure out what matters most to you, answer some key questions, and then evaluate customer satisfaction reviews. 

Choices to Make: Professional Installation or DIY Cameras and Sensors?

One of the big distinctions in the security system world is whether a professional installation is required. You get some big benefits, including the assurance of the correct installation so that you know your home is secure, alongside the professional installation fee. However, DIY cameras can allow you to use your own knowledge of your home to customize a system that includes a variety of window and door sensors as well as cameras, focusing on the spots that concern you most rather than the approach the professional installer just typically chooses. Different personalities benefit from either the peace of mind option or the personal touches of the DIY option. 

Features that Matter to You?

Once you’ve decided between professional and DIY, you want to start thinking through the kinds of issues that a particular system can help with. If you believe your home has a substantial fire risk, for instance, you might want to get notifications if your smoke or fire alarm goes off, while if you are focus on forced entry concerns, you want sensors that detect any change in your doors and windows. Others want to know if anyone is approaching the house, such as package thieves, which could mean having an outward-facing camera on the front porch.  Choose your system based on what it can do for your particular concerns. 


Integrated Into a Smart Home System, or Standalone?

While many systems stand alone, a growing trend is to integrate your security equipment into an existing Smart Home system; two examples include Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa. When these systems are integrated, you can access all the information about your home’s smart features through a single application, which can make it easier to find all the information you want while you are away on your travels. While it’s not a certainty that a security system will increase your home value to a prospective buyer, having an integrated system within a popular smart home system can certainly be a draw, as those systems have grown in popularity. 


Tiebreaker? Evaluate the Reviews and Prices

Once you’ve used these criteria to narrow down which systems you’re considering, focus on a combination of reviews and price. Many times, the correct system for you is the most affordable one that has stellar reviews, not just the least expensive or most expensive system. When reviewers discuss how happy they are with the service, you know that they got what they really wanted from their investment in a home security system for frequent travelers.

Photo by Henry & Co. from Pexels

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