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4 WAYS TO GIVE BACK WHILE TRAVELING - Traveling is a superb way to open your mind and understand that not everyone has the same privileges as you do. With the increase in cheap air travel and social media, the travel industry was thriving before the pandemic struck. But, while traveling gives you the adventure of a lifetime, it shouldn’t be solely about you. Any traveler interested in ethical exploration should also consider how they can give back during their journey. 


Shop Local 

If you make a point to shop local at home, why should your travels be any different? Shopping for food or souvenirs and keepsakes will help keep the community thriving wherever you go, and it shows that you are willing to embrace these different cultures rather than search for the closest fast-food place that you could get at home anyway. Not only will this fund the local entrepreneurs, but it will also give you the authentic travel experience you always anticipate whenever you get on a plane, and doing it any other way isn’t worth it. 



Understandably, not everyone has the time or opportunity to volunteer during their travels, at least not for days or weeks at a time. However, volunteering needn't be a significant time commitment. Many organizations all over the world would love to have you and your friends help out for a day, whether this is at a school, animal sanctuary, or even at a local farm. Again, you get an authentic experience, and it is probably the best way to give back while you travel. It will also give you a humbling idea of what goes on behind the scenes and what you don’t see on social media. 


Avoid Big Hotels 

The big chain hotels might come with all the cozy amenities you are used to, but they are soulless. They are without a real atmosphere, and they are full of the same type of people you went traveling to get away from. When looking for a place to stay, consider the importance of the local Hospitality industry. These are the Bed and Breakfasts, the homestays, the ethically run hostels that rely on tourists and travelers to keep going. You might need to share a room with strangers, and you might not get the luxury of air conditioning, but this is a small price to pay. 


Don’t Stop Traveling 

Constant travel might not be good for the environment, but it is necessary for keeping industries alive all over the world. By getting on a plane and visiting Tohoku in a post-pandemic world, you can keep the community alive, and this is considered giving back enough, especially when many places rely on regular visitors to survive. 


Give Back

People who love traveling should always look for ways to give back to the destinations that have helped them make numerous unique memories. No matter who you are, you always have the chance to give back, whether in a large way or one that is smaller (especially when traveling on a budget). Especially now, the responsibility falls to travelers to rebuild the tourism industry all over the world and help the local communities that have been affected by it.

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