ZULAL WELLNESS RESORT ENHANCES WELLBEING CONCEPT WITH INNOVATIVE BIOPHILIC DESIGNSet to open in early 2021, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som will be the first full-immersion wellness destination resort in Qatar, and the largest in the region. The resort is managed and operated by world-renowned Chiva-Som International Health Resort, which since launching 25 years ago, has won global acclaim. Aficionados of the Thailand flagship will immediately recognise the design hallmarks that have ensured its reputation as world-class.  As at Chiva-Som, Zulal Wellness Resort is firmly rooted in the local culture. This is reflected throughout the distinctive design and architecture, ensuring it is an integral part of guests' experience. Brought to life by Qatar's premier master developers, Msheireb Properties, Zulal Wellness Resort was conceived and inspired by the integration of natural elements, land, sea and shelter, whilst retaining an inextricable connection with the Qatari landscape.

An evolution in holistic awareness has led to the application of wellness design in hotels and resorts, targeting the development of architecture and landscape to improve guests' mental health and wellbeing. Msheireb architectural and design team commented, “Zulal's design concept is a reflection of its mission to promote wellness while still staying true to the Qatari landscape. The vision of Zulal is human-centric, and we made it a priority to combine elements that are natural and man-made. The beauty of Qatar's heritage can be found throughout the resort, from materials and colour schemes to patterns and textures, all of which are interwoven into the resort.”

Located in the private coastal region of Khasooma to the north of Qatar, Zulal's architecture draws heavily from the principle of biophilic design, incorporating natural materials and elements of its coastal desert setting into indoor spaces, from the use of gravel and sand as well as textured concrete paving. The wellness-focussed design aims to strengthen guests' connection to nature and draw on the salubrious effects of the natural world; principles that are known to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing creativity and overall wellbeing.

Earth tones accented by blue hues and shades of traditional wood can be found throughout the resort's rooms and living spaces to create contemporary places of relaxation, whilst light and airy interiors reflect the clarity and purity of its picturesque landscape. Inspired by its name, Zulal translating to 'purified water', the implementation of majestic sea water lagoons and oases can be found throughout the resort to evoke a sense of tranquillity and serenity.

Seamlessly blending into its backdrop, Zulal has been designed to reflect the surrounding sand dunes, tinted with the cool and neutral shades of the desert with elegant cool beiges and hues of ash. Pathways are engraved with Sidr leaves, a tree known for its valuable healing properties and effectiveness in relieving anxiety, and windows carved with the famous Mashrabiye pattern which is traditionally found in Arabic and Islamic architecture carved in geometrical shapes in wood latticework or on stained glass windows. Landscaping will feature ponds and water features arranged around a series of choreographed serene shaded walled gardens; a narrative inspired by memories of sea-bound travellers finding welcoming shelter in local villages.  The courtyard typography will offer selected views of the desert beyond whilst retaining the feeling of seclusion and protection of the village. To further blend harmoniously with its coastal desert setting, Zulal will utilise salt-tolerant and local plants such as the 'Avicennia Marina'; one of the largest and oldest mangrove species.  Qatar is one of the Middle East's conservatory landscapes for these unique trees and, supporting the belief that environmental and personal wellness go hand-in-hand, Zulal is committed to the preservation and afforestation of these mangrove environments.  Guests at Zulal Wellness Resort will be encouraged to visit the resort's beach-front walkway and Mangrove Education Centre, a major environmental conservation project to promote scientific understanding and appreciation of nature.

Staying true to Chiva-Som's core principles, the resort will operate sustainably and adhere to environmentally friendly practices, such as minimising the use of single-use plastics, utilising organic produce and locally developed speciality products, energy conservation and the implementation of water preservation technologies. A medicinal and health-giving plant palette was derived from Zulal's holistic treatment menu.

Health and wellness are at the core of Zulal's identity, ranging from holistic health practices and spa treatments, to interconnected rooms to foster stronger connections with families, to honouring the Qatari culture rooted in the balance and wisdom of nature. Exceptional facilities will set a new standard for health resorts the world over, featuring fully integrated holistic programmes that encompass traditional healing principles alongside state-of-the-art international treatments.


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