HOW TO MONETIZE YOUR INTERNET INFLUENCE - Since the world have been hitting by the deadly pandemic one year ago today, so many industries applying the WFH (Work From Home) scheme to keep it going, to survive, while, I have been doing it since 2010 only limitation I have today, I rarely go outside unless, for essentials matters, I still can making money through all the limitations as a community to battle this crisis, maybe you can start to do it too.

You may have more time right now, but since the work-from-home situation, this is a challenge even for me, because I usually work anywhere and rely on my creative sense to be productive and to be inspired I need to go somewhere, to go outside, walking by the beach or a new street, strolling around new city to find a corner or coffee shop, but the core of my job is still the same wherever I am.

Yes, I do Blogging and I am making money through blogging and my internet influence, and basically, I can do it from anywhere with great internet access. One that I know offers high-speed options for internet connection providers, is Frontier Internet.

I once answered the question, Apa saja sumber penghasilan Blogger? in Quora, but in Bahasa Indonesia, or it can be translated as "What are the sources of income for Blogger?" - so I will elaborate here on what I have been doing for the last 10 years, and the growth I experienced throughout the blogging years.

  • I started as an editor for a fashion and lifestyle magazine
    There's always a first thing in every new experience, I don't have any background in the industry, so I think why not started to blog to hone my writing skills and share my experience in the fashion and lifestyle industry through the internet, there are no social media back then, and this is just a start.

  • Write, write, and write
    I write all my experiences and thoughts, both the material that does pass the editorial team and that doesn't, I put my personality and my writing style into it, I took my own pictures, went to social functions, met new people, attended the shows, it was a great time, amazing 4 years and the industry of printing magazine starting to collapse.

  • I take my own path and keep it blogging
    At that time, I already have a network, platform, and experience. I start to travel and find a new niche for my writing materials, it is Luxury Travel & Lifestyle. I feel I find new excitement going from one place to another gorgeous place; Bali, Bangkok, Singapore, Paris, and it became my life and I still share the experience through blogs and social media.

  • More experiences, growth, and collaborations
    Social media influencers take offers; from Twitter to Instagram, Facebook to YouTube, so many platforms you can explore, and while I do social media as well, I am still loyal to my platform, Blogging, because I believe blogs have different depths of influence than social media. It is still inspired me to grow, collaborate with the industry, and deliver my ideas and voices.
It's been 10 years and I am glad, I am still writing these days, I realized even today, blogs are still relevant, so many of the hottest new influencers to watch in 2021, and there are tons of social media as well and blogs will always be an independent media for people to look another perspective, experiences, opinions, reviews. and while you do it, it makes you some cash too.

I have been working with brands and agencies, local or even International, and collaborating with them to create unique and personal stories. I join with International Influencers Platform which can connect me with many people and brands, I support the community by connecting fellow bloggers with my clients to expand the network to have more great collaborations.

After so many years of work through the internet and social media, you grow your own influence. Once it's growing it will be fruitful, and this is how I monetize my internet influence:

  • In-house Ads
    with thousands of visitors daily, it will be your extra dollars to convert visits to some dollars. I am using Google Adsense and Ezoic, so your useful content especially a blog post still can benefit both you and your readers.

  • Content Placement or Product Review
    You have an amazing blog and nice domain authority, many brands out there will be interested to work with you. My suggestion is to keep it real and genuine because your readers are trusting you, and work with a brand you actually love and you like. You can offer this service in your blog, and your social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

  • Affiliates
    Share the products you can buy online and get the commission on it, sometimes it's a win-win solution.

  • Events
    You go to events to cover what's happening, or you can be a speaker or source person to share your experience and also have time to network.

  • Media Trip
    One of the best perks of being a social media influencer and blogger, especially if you are doing it full time and have much time on your hands.

  • Sell your own products or merchandise.
    From e-books to hoodies, if you have your own merch and product, you also can try to sell it too to make coins.

While the work is still going, we know that so many industries weakened by the global pandemic. There's still opportunity here and there, but for a while, it's not all about making money, but how you manage it wisely.

You can start building your internet influence, or even build your brand, work on the blog or social media, learn about digital marketing, join with influencer agency, offers creative ideas and collaborate, make extra money, find the project you will love doing and genuine.

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