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VERSATILE FASHION MUST-HAVES FOR YOUR WARDROBEThe Indonesian Textile Association reported revenue of $18.1 million in the apparel market in 2019. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this amount is expected to reduce marginally by December 31, 2020. The pandemic may have changed our way of life in many ways, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still look good whilst at it. Be it for your daily activities, a virtual hangout, a formal meeting with your boss or colleagues or just lounging on your couch, you definitely need some versatile clothing in your wardrobe. Whether your goal is to spend less on purchasing new clothes or just to streamline your wardrobe, you’ll find some multi-purpose clothing below.

1.    Denim Wear

Denim’s history began in the 18th century, and although nobody knows its actual origin, it has become part of contemporary fashion all these years. Did you know it had an original name in France? It was known as ‘serges de Nimes.’ Indeed, it sounds similar to its current name, denim. Nonetheless, it is from denim that the jeans brand was born, and became popular through Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873. Designed initially for workmen, it has transformed to become the most loved versatile piece of clothing worldwide. Therefore, get yourself a pair from Trends Jeans or your favorite clothing store, for some versatility.


2.    Plain White Button-down Shirt

This loved item is a must-have for both genders and can be found in almost every wardrobe. For women, it works well over skirts or a pair of colored pants, while men prefer to pair it with a suit. For a casual look, both men and women can wear it over khaki pants. You can choose to wear it tucked in or not. The possibilities are endless, and you should not ignore the benefits this plain white shirt does for your style.

3.    A Dark-colored Sweater

The keyword here is ‘dark-colored.’ These sweaters work well for everyone, and even the most modest fashion individuals will appreciate the neutral color. Although they come in different cuts, V-necks are most preferred by males because they can easily be paired with a tie for a more formal look. Females, however, have a range to choose from because all design cuts compliment any outfit. So, if you don’t have this item, why not get one of a wool-cashmere blend? These are comfortable and do not cause you to itch.

4.    A Black Pair of Pants



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While they come in various designs and fabrics for all genders, black pants can be worn for different occasions and make an excellent foundation for any outfit. You can use it as office wear or pair it with a blouse or shirt for an evening outing. With the right clothing type for your upper body, your black pants can be worn as casual wear to the nearest grocery.


Although most clothing items are versatile, no closet is truly complete without these items. It is time to go through your wardrobes to see if you have at least one item. If you do, here’s a reason to get more! If not, here’s an excuse to go do some clothes shopping. It is time to add some more oomph to your closet. You should also lookout for more versatile clothes you can include.

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