FIVE ESSENTIAL ITEMS FOR A LUXURY GAMES ROOM - You may have got the car and the house but this is the year of “staying in is the new going out” so have you got the games room to go with your Instagram game? A games room (aka man or woman cave!) will have been the ultimate in-home entertainment this year. And, as we may be staying in for a little while yet we thought we’d run down the essential items you will need in your luxury games room.

Pool Table 

Let’s not hang around and get straight down to it. A pool table will give you hours of fun with your buddies or your partner. Pool tables, you may be surprised to learn come in all shapes and sizes. Want a pool table carved from a single piece of wood to a design of your specification? No problem. Love Jack Daniels - customise your pool table courtesy of the man from Tenessee. Higher-end tables come with tournament grade features so you can come out of lockdown hustling like a pro.

Retro Games Machine

You’ve probably got the latest X-BOX and/or PS-5 but let’s face it, they are a poor second next to playing a classic arcade game on a full-size gaming unit. From Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to Mario and Frogger. All types of units are available, as well as multi-game machines. Not only do they play well, but they also look awesome too.

Juke Box

Are your CD’s or Vinyl gathering dust in a box in the garage? We’re all streaming a lot of music nowadays and though Alexa and Siri are cool nothing beats listening to the original recording on a state-of-the-art system. You can get that retro 50’s or 60’s jukebox looks on a bang up to date system and wow your guests with not only your extensive music collection but also that amazing looking unit.

Table Football 

Table football doesn’t need to be played exclusively in a funky digital agency. It’s genuine fun for all ages. From the classic red vs. blue to a customised table to playing Barcelone vs. Madrid. This game is a timeless classic but just remember - spinning is not allowed!

Beer Fridge

Your own luxury games room will, of course, require access to your own luxury set of snacks and libations. The safe option would be to choose a simple, boring white one but there is a whole world of customised fridge units out there. If you are a fan of rock music you could do worse than investing in a Marshall style fridge unit. This one comes with space for 40 cans and also a freezer compartment so you can chill your beer but also keep your ice frozen for your Jack and Coke so you can be the ultimate rock star at home.

We hope these handy hints have helped you decided what to put in your games room. One or all of these items will make you the envy of your friends and family, long after lockdown has ended!

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