WHAT TO SHOP AND WEAR THIS FALL 2020 -  Well...well... the global pandemic is not over yet and I am the person who took the side to stay at home at least until the year-end, so my 14 Days of Quarantine with Style and Comfort will be extended for year(s) period.

Though we have spent much of our year indoors, that does not mean fashion has to be closed for business. As the year goes on, as do some of the trends. Whether you are in the house all day or trying to find out what to wear to your weekly trip to the grocery store, there are tons of new trends that will help you look amazing. Here are some fashion trends you can expect to see in Fall 2020.

Bold Plaid

Plaid is back, although we often wonder if it ever left. It seems like every season, plaid finds its way into our closets as it has resurfaced from other trends like the grunge plaids to the schoolgirl uniform look. For this fall, the focus is on plaids that are loud and bold, styled in eclectic colors. My favorite items are like Portuguese Flannel Shirts and Marni Tweed Oversized Coat
Marni Tweed Oversized Coat`

Really Long Gloves

The look here is more dressed up than casual. These long gloves reminisce how people would dress at an opera. Putting on a pair of these will instantly jazz up your look. You can style it with a strapped or sleeveless dress, a suit jacket, or even a short-sleeved blouse. Going classic with leather gloves or be a little cool with Moschino Logo Gloves
Moschino Logo Gloves - Fall 2020
Fringe, Fringe, Fringe (play safe with scarves)
Like plaid, fringe makes its way back into our outfit seasons no matter what it is. Major fashion brands are finding interesting and creative ways to accessorize fringe. Fringe on shoes, denim, cowboy boots, on handbags, long skirts, and dresses. Fringe gives your look an added element, making it one of a kind and unique to you.

The Shades of Pink or Fuschia Is The Hot Color

This loud pink is being sported and embraced by so many women as they are moving away from the subdued and quiet neutral and beige shades. Fuschia is adding new energy to seasonal pieces like outerwear coats or suits. My favorite to bring up the happy color in your outfit is AMI Paris Heart Pullover Hoodie
AMI Paris Heart Pullover Hoodie in Fuschia

Vivid Pop Color Suits
These suits will liven up your dull office. Instead of going for traditional suit shades like black, grey, and brown, go for something unexpected like blue, orange, or red. The key to making this trend your own is to pick the color that best fits your skin tone. Like any other suit, you can dress it up or down with accessories like a statement clutch bag and a pair of heels or your favorite white t-shirt.

Wide Leg Trousers Tucked Into Boots

This contrast creates a beautiful silhouette. All you need to do is tuck your straight leg trousers into boots and voila! You have an instantly edgy look. Making this trend your own is a lot of fun because you can be sure to find the perfect trousers and boots pair to fit and match your personality and unique style.


Yellow Maxi Coats

On a rainy or cold day, these long yellow coats will be the perfect thing to turn an otherwise dreary day into something more interesting. Yellow is one of the bolder colors and it has a vivid shade that is sure to get someone’s attention. Make sure you get the hue that fits best with your skin tone and rocks it. Everyone will want to see it. Canada Goose Seawolf Jacket for example to level up your layering games.

Cream Sharp But Casual Boots

Instantly turn into the neat and cool boy with these boots. They should sit right below the knee and they should look kind of baggy. The cream color is the perfect way to add a bright color to your dark-colored outfits. The cream can come in many different forms from warm cream to an off-white hue.
Diemme Balbi Boots - Fall 2020

Bold Colored Soft Handheld Bags
Soft clutches are great. They are the perfect thing to accessorize an outfit with. Instead of trying to perfectly match your bag with your outfit, go for a bright pop of color that may not be a part of your ensemble. This levels up any outfit and adds an extra dimension to your threads, or go big with a tote bag, this Coach New York x Jean-Michel Basquiat Tote 38 is on my must-have list.

Coach New York x Jean-Michel Basquiat Tote 38

Blue Styled With Natural Tones
Blue and natural tones like brown and beige are the combinations to die for. This is one of our favorite trends for Fall 2020. It combines the best hues of the last few months and puts a spin on it. There are many ways you can rock this color combo. From a sophisticated brown suit with a bright blue accessory like a bag or sunglasses, or a monochrome ensemble in the color blue with some timeless brown leather pumps. There are so many ways, no matter what your personal style is, to rock this look.

Color Blocking

What a way to feel like a piece of art walking the aisle of the grocery store. The color blocking of primary colors and a mix of other bright colors in fabrics like leather, velvet, and sequins give color blocking a facelift. If you decided to go with a safe color for your outfit, give a touch of surprises, being playful with accessories like a cool hat or bold sunglasses.

PERSOL Classic Folding Sunglasses

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