7 MOST AFFORDABLE PLACES TO TRAVEL IN EUROPE - Some of the most beautiful views in Europe are priceless and are easy to reach. Nonetheless, a trip to Europe can get quite expensive if you don’t plan in advance.  While most European capitals will stretch your travel budget, there are quite a few places to travel in Europe that are completely affordable. Our top 7 most affordable places to travel in Europe are totally budget-friendly and won’t exceed €50 a day per person.

These hidden gems don’t fall far behind in beauty and magic, then cities like Paris and Berlin. Source: saveatrain.com by Paulina Joukov

1. Most Affordable Places In Europe: Cologne, Germany

While Germany is quite expensive, Cologne is one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe. From budget-friendly accommodation to free iconic landmarks and cheap transportation, Cologne is definitely a great city break option if you are traveling solo or planning a family Euro trip.

This German city is home to Kolsch beer, so you could taste German delicacies for only €1.30. There’s nothing nicer than enjoying a pint on the banks of beautiful Rhein River, after a day in the city. Be sure to walk through Ficshmarkt for postcard-like snaps with the colorful houses and continue to the Old Town, Altstadt.

In addition, the most famous landmark in Germany, a marvelous Cologne cathedral is free to visit. Its Gothic architecture, painted glass windows, and views of the river are epic. If you love art, then Cologne has great museums or fascinating street art in Ehrenfeld. This area is the hip and trendy part of Cologne, the-go-to-place for coffee and vintage.

As you can see Cologne is an amazing budget-friendly city to travel in Europe. Above all, the best thing about it is its efficient and affordable transport. German transport, train rails, and tram are extremely comfortable and efficient, so it saves you a great deal of time traveling around. Getting a daily or weekly train pass is a great way to save money while traveling.


2. Bruges, Belgium

Waffles for breakfast and you are ready to explore all 80 bridges and the lake of love, Minnewater. Bruges is a wonderful medieval town in Belgium and one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe. From an outstanding number of castles to a boat ride in the canals, there are plenty of affordable things to do in Bruges, a train ride from Brussels.

If you wish to splurge a bit, then you should definitely spend time and a portion of your daily budget on chocolate. Look for the ‘handmade’ sign on 50 of the chocolate shops in the city for the best Belgium chocolate.

Bruges’ small size and city planning are super easy to explore on foot, so you shouldn’t spend time on transport. In fact, a great way to explore the city and learn about its culture and heritage is by joining a free walking tour. This way you can get all insider tips on affordable restaurants, souvenir shopping, and the best way to visit the main attractions.


3. Most Affordable Places In Europe: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most affordable places to travel in Europe, and thus the lovely town of Cesky Krumlov is on our list. This colorful town is tourist-friendly and above all, budget-friendly. You will find it very easy to explore and indulge yourself in Czech cuisine, draft beer, and sightseeing while spending practically nothing from your travel budget.

First of all, dining out is super cheap, and you can find great lunch menus that offer a starter, main course, and beer for funny prices. Beer is cheaper than water all across the Czech Republic and combining it with the famous pickled sausages, you’ve got yourself a great dinner.

The city is also home to amazing castles and gardens that are free to visit, and if you wish to climb up for epic views, then the entrance fee to the tower is less than 5 euro. Another great option to explore the city is by joining a free walking tour and meet other travelers or book a Cesky Krumlov private city walking tour for the gang. This way you could discover the city secrets, legends, and tips to have an amazing trip to fairy tale land.

4. Eger, Hungary

Hungary is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, and there is much more to see than Budapest. Eger is a wonderful city, with thermal springs, Bukk Hungary’s national park, and beautiful landmarks to visit. All these wonders are available without compromising your travel budget.

Eger is one of Hungary’s famous cities and is home to delicious red wine, located in between the Bukk mountains. Scenic views natural views make for the perfect setting for wine tasting after a great hiking day in beautiful Bukk park and relaxing in the natural springs. As Hungary is home to some of the best natural springs in Europe, soak up in the thermals is an absolute must.

Eger is perfect for a relaxing spa weekend from Budapest. The choice between a day-trip or city break from Budapest is all yours, but we recommend spending at least a long weekend in this enchanting city.


5. Most Affordable Places In Europe: Cinque Terre, Italy

Bright colored houses, sitting along the beautiful Sentiero Azzurro, make Cinque Terre an architectural Italian wonder. Cinque Terre is one of the most affordable places to travel in Europe and Italy. Nothing compares to the feeling of traveling comfortably and quickly between 5 spectacular spots. This way of traveling saves you a great deal of time and money with the Cinque Terre train card.

As for accommodation, making La Spezia your base for the trip is a great option. It’s a beautiful Italian port city with plenty of hostels and hotels to choose from.

Cinque Terre gets quite busy and expensive during the high season. Therefore, it’s best to visit between April-June for summer or October-November to admire its natural beauty in the fall.


6. Vienna, Austria

Home to Mozart, Baroque architecture, Schonbrunn Palace, and the green maze, Vienna is divine. While some may say it’s pricey, a trip to the Austrian capital is totally doable and won’t fall far from the daily travel budget in other European capitals like Prague or Budapest. The city is tourist-friendly, so you can admire the rich culture, cuisine, and charm of Viennese life, without compromising your life savings.

The Austrian capital is one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe, thanks to its tourist-friendly deals. For example, the Vienna Card will get you great discounts on Museums, attractions, and public transport. In addition, you could taste the best Viennese strudel in some of Vienna’s amazing restaurants, at lunchtime. Many restaurants and cafes offer a 2-3 course set menu for under €10.

For a night out of culture and music, many cafes have free live music performances. But, if you have your eyes set on a night at the famous opera, then you should have your eyes on getting the tickets for a standing performance, as they are substantially cheaper than the classic opera tickets.


7. Most Affordable Places In Europe: Normandy, France

Golden shores, legends of Joan of Arc of Ruen, the island of Mont St. Michel monastery, are only a few of the gems in Normandy. This lovely region is a two-hours trip from Paris, but unlike the French capital, it is one of the most affordable places to travel in France.

Normandy is mostly known for the landing beaches from WWII. However, it is home to the cliffs at Etretat, of gigantic limestone cliffs, a breathtaking natural wonder. Scenic Giverny village where Claude Monet lived and painted the famous lilies is another spot not to miss on your trip to Normandy.

To conclude, traveling in Europe can be a very affordable adventure. Normandy, Cinque Terre, Vienna, Eger, Bruges, Cologne, and Cesky Krumlov, are 7 affordable destinations to travel in Europe. Our tips will keep you from spending your life-saving on a single holiday and ensure that you have a memorable and special trip.


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