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10 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN EUROPEThe vast lands of Europe are the origin of many legends and fairy tales, stunning landscapes and villages that keep ancient secrets. Close to central cosmopolitan cities or tucked away behind the limestone mountains, the number of picturesque and fascinating villages in Europe is endless. Yet, there are 10 scenic villages in Europe whose beauty and magic supersede all others.

1. Guarda, Switzerland

The most beautiful village in Switzerland, Guarda is a small village, located amidst green meadows. Above the lower part of valley Engadin, or as the locals call it, Engiadina rules the epic Swiss views. It is built on a sun terrace, 300 meters above the valley, guarding all coming and coming, as well as ancient traditions as chasing winter away.

The white homes are adorned with traditional paintings and ancient inscriptions called sgraffiti. Romansh, the local language, that has survived and is still spoken today.

Guarda, Switzerland Scenic Village


2. Scenic Villages In Europe: Cochem, Germany

The village that sleeps on the banks of Moselle river. Half-timbered houses and picturesque cottages along the narrow lanes. Beautiful at fall, when the green meadows and trees wear their golden attires, adding to the charm and scenic setting of beautiful Cochem.

Surrounded by vineyards and hills, Cochem village is postcard-perfect. The best way to experience the village and snap all the scenic village views is by bicycle.

Scenic Villages in Germany Europe


3. Dinant, Belgium

Between steep cliffs, on the banks of the river Meuse, sits the beautiful village of Dinant in the Wallonia region. Foggy weather, winter, or spring, this little village looks absolutely amazing in any weather and time of day. The grand views are even lovelier from the cliff-top citadel.

The dome of Collegiale Notre-Dame De Dinant is a prominent feature in the background of the black limestone mountains. Colorful houses and boats in the front, complete the spectacular views.

If you have extra time, visit the nearby Crevecoeur Castle, Jardins D’Annevoie, and Chateau de Veves for more postcard-like views.

Dinant, Belgium Scenic Village


4. Scenic Villages In Europe: Norcia, Italy

Behind defensive walls, amidst green hills, in East Umbria, you will discover scenic village Norcia. This small medieval village is picturesque and looks absolutely stunning in springtime when the surroundings blossom in colorful tones.

Churches, Italian palaces, add to the enchanting views of Norcia. Also, the Nera River is another spot to explore and enjoy breathtaking views of the beautiful Umbria region in Italy. On the way be sure to look out for the famous truffles, and taste the local cuisine of spaghetti or frittata with truffles. It is simply divine!

Kissing couple in Norcia, Italy


5. Lisse, The Netherlands

If you are traveling to Holland to snap the epic tulip fields, then visit scenic Lisse. This cute village is just 45 minutes away from Amsterdam.

Lisse is perhaps one of the tiniest villages in the Netherlands, but it is home to 7 million flower bulbs planted each year in Keukenhof Gardens. From the end of March to mid-May, these bulbs bloom into beautiful and colorful tulips. Thus, Liss is undoubtedly the loveliest in spring and you are in for some unforgettable shots and views.

6. Scenic Villages In Europe: St. Gilgen, Austria

Everybody knows magical Hallstatt, but Austria is home to many lovely villages and towns. One of the most scenic villages in Europe is located in Austria. St. Gilgen village was once home to the Mozart family, and the village sits on the banks of Lake Wolfgang.

You could explore the village by foot or bicycle, or from a cable car. If you don’t have fear of heights, then the views that open up from the cable car will literally take your breath away. The scenic views of the village have definitely been an inspiration from Viennese artists.

St. Gilgen, Austria Gorgeous Scenic Village in Europe


7. St. Genies, France

Home to the French Delicacies Foie Gras and truffles, the tiny village of St. Genies is 2 hours from Bordeaux. This guarantees lovely vineyards around, where you could enjoy a glass of fine wine as you admire the scenic village and countryside.

St. Genies village features our 10 scenic villages in Europe thanks to the steep roof stone houses. In addition, the 12th-century church and 13th-century castle are right in the center of the village. A winding road will take across the village and its black colored stone houses to the most impressive viewpoints and sites.

St. Genies depicts the fairy tale atmosphere France is blessed with. You could enjoy the scenery on a train trip across France.

Scenic Villages in Europe and St. Genies


8. Scenic Villages In Europe: Bibury, England

Stone cottages with steeply pitched roofs with green meadows around is what makes Bibury one of the most scenic villages in Europe. Be sure to walk down Arlington Row, the most charming lane and beautiful snaps.

The walk will take you straight back to the 17th-century life in Bibury. The most beautiful village in England sits on the banks of River Coln. This was once the best spot to hang wool from weavers’ cottages. Bibury lands are perfect for an afternoon picnic or early morning stroll before crowds of tourists interrupt its tranquil and sleepy vibes.

Bibury, England houses


9. Lindau In Germany

Lindau village is located on the border of Austria with Germany, in Bavarian Germany. It is one of the most beautiful regions for a fall vacation in Europe. On the shores of Lake Constance, also known as Bodensee, this village is actually a peninsula, with a bridge connecting between the mainland and the island.

A few of the scenic views in the village are Maximilianstrasse street, the old 13th-century lighthouse, and of course the Old Town, Altstadt.

Lindau is a hidden gem in Germany and a village totally worth your visit on your next trip. There are Eurocity trains from Munich, Zurich, and Stuttgart.

Lindau In Germany Lake view


10. Scenic Villages In Europe: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

UNESCO world heritage site, Cesky Krumlov village in Bohemia is a mix of Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque architecture. Intersected by Vltava River, Cesky Krumlov is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. The image of the houses on the banks with the beautiful nature in the background is definitely one of the most marvelous views in Europe. That’s the reason Cesky Krumlov is on our 10 scenic villages in Europe list.

It is highly recommended to climb up to the Cesky Krumlov castle for an unforgettable panorama of Cesky Krumlov, Vltava river and magnificent nature around the Bohemia region.

Scenic Villages in Europe


Scenic Villages In Europe

A few of the most picturesque villages in Europe are hidden away from masses of tourists in the great mountains. These hidden gems might look out of reach, but with today’s technology, they are closer than ever. You can every village by public transport, on a short train journey across Europe. In only several hours you could be wandering around, admiring and snapping pictures of these hidden cultures and views.

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