Wouldn’t a stay like this be absolutely lovely? But how much would it cost you? (Pexels Image - CC0 Licence)

WHAT KIND OF LUXURY GETAWAY IS THE MOST AFFORDABLE? - Luxury getaways exist the world over. There are a lot of places you can visit during your travels that’ll have a glass of cool wine and a steaming bath waiting in your room, and they’re all well-reviewed and sort after in the tourism sector. Just think about it: taking a break from the back and forth of your own life by touching down in a sunny country, with sand between your toes, and an extensive shopping budget at your disposal! 

That really is life, but it’s often a once-in-a-lifetime plan, considering the cost of such travel. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! So, which luxury getaway is the most affordable? If you’re someone running on a strict travel budget, but you don’t want that to hold you back from seeing the world, what luxury trip would be the most accessible to you? Well, let’s examine that idea below!

A Cruise
There are a lot of cruises out there, and they all have a pretty hefty price bill attached to them, don’t they? But when it comes to luxury travel, they’re one of the most affordable and accessible forms of holidaying for anyone who’s on a budget. After all, consider how often you’re going to be stopping off in a foreign country, to spend the day and pack your suitcase with souvenirs, you’re definitely getting value for your money! 

A Beach Holiday 
Beach holidays are popular with most tourists, and thus, they’re hot for competition in the package holiday sector. Travel companies can make a lot of money off of beach holiday deals, simply because the demand for them is so high, and that means they don’t have to charge you too much for the privilege! 

A Stately Home
Or a castle, if that’s what you really fancy! Stately homes are opening up all over the world to people who want to take a break from their lives, and pretend to be Victorian manor owners, looking out over their picturesque 100-acre back gardens. And even if you want to bring more than 2 people along, you can easily sleep 4 to a room for a low price. 

An Inner City Break
Finally, if you’re someone who likes to stay down to earth and connected to civilization, an inner city break can be very budget-friendly. In places like Paris and New York, you can book yourself into a central hotel without it costing you an arm and a leg. It’s a very competitive sector, after all, and budget travelers are well catered for because of it - for this option, you definitely need to stay on the beaten track to properly reap the savings rewards.

Luxury getaways are a big deal in the travel world, and for good reason! Make sure you’ve got some figures swirling in your mind if you’re planning an expensive trip away.

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