SEVEN REASONS TO TAKE WELLNESS VACATION - There are many kinds of vacation, but most of us take vacations to relax and recharge a little. The best way to recharge your batteries is to invest some time into some self-care and relaxation. A wellness focussed trip could be just what the Doctor ordered.

Whether you choose a trip where you can relax or go for a full retreat like Ayahuasca Retreats by Pulse Tours, take some time out for yourself. 

  1. You’ll have time to focus on yourself. Modern life is busy. Most of us work long hours, spend more time than we’d like on our commute and then get home and have the demands of family, running a home and trying to find time for friends. You can often find that you end up bottom of your own list of priorities. A wellness treat gives the space to put life on pause and take care of nobody but yourself for a few days. You’ll have time to set and pursue wellness goals.

  1. Focus on health. These retreats will usually offer lots of options to work on your health. You can enjoy healthy food to refuel your body and get exercise in a restful way, like swimming or yoga.

  2. A retreat can help you to learn some wellness and relaxation techniques to take back to your daily life. Whether you go on a yoga retreat or a trip to learn about alternative healing, you’ll be learning something that you can apply at home, whether it’s to relax, reduce stress or prioritize some wellness in your daily life.

  3. Get out of a rut. If your daily life has become too bogged down in routine, take a retreat to shake you out of the rut. Stepping out of your life for a bit can help to see things more clearly, allowing you to make changes when you get back that will make you happier.

  4. Break old habits. At home, do you find yourself unwinding with a drink more than you’d like or sneaking a cigarette? A wellness retreat can help you to look hard at habits you’d rather shake off, and begin the work to shake them off. Learn better methods of dealing with the stress of everyday life and start the work of forming better habits like meditation or yoga instead.

  5. Meet like-minded people. Finding people interested in wellness can be difficult in real life, but you can be sure people on a wellness treat will share your interest. Make friends with people who share your passion and who are on the same wellness journey. If you keep in touch afterward, you can keep supporting each other’s journeys and share tips and support.

  6. Relax. Modern life is hectic. We’re all glued to screens making it hard to switch off from work, emails and the demands of social media. Take a break from the pace and take some time to sit back and breathe. Leave your phone turned off for a few days and relax.

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