TOP FESTIVALS IN KENT - When going on holiday it is always a good idea to take a look at an events calendar before you actually book your vacation. If you are flexible with regards to dates then you will be able to coincide your trip with some events that are going on. If you are visiting Kent then you are assured to be in luck. This is an area that is constantly putting on some fantastic entertainment. There are always fun-filled festivals taking place in the popular county. These mark events of great enjoyment for locals and visitors alike. If you are planning on visiting the Garden of England anytime soon make sure you consider the following festivals…

Medway Festival of Steam and Transport
This festival is a brilliant celebration of classic vintage vehicles. It is something all ages can enjoy; from the older adults who are interested in the history of it all to the younger children who are simply amazed by the moving vehicles on display. The festival takes place next year in April. You will get to witness everything from steam and diesel trains, to vintage buses, to road rollers, to steam-powered traction engines, to motorcycles, to classic vehicles. Maybe you could even show off your own motorcycle? SoloMotoParts can help vehicles to get ready for a showcase like this.

Broadstairs Food Festival 
This three-day food festival takes place in October. You have plenty of time to indulge in all of the delicious food that is going to be on offer! The local treats you will get to try to include everything from pastries and cakes, to cheeses, to pickles, to meats, to artisan bread. Don’t worry; you will have plenty of ale, cider, and wine to wash the food down with as well! 

Tenterden Folk Festival 
Are you a lover of folk music? If so, this festival is just for you! It takes place in October. Thus you have plenty of time to plan your vacation. From barn dances to folk clubs, to workshops, to concerts, to craft stalls, to music sessions; there is so much to enjoy. 

Folkestone Tea Festival 
Let’s be honest… Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea in England? This festival celebrates one of the things we love the most. However, it adds a fun and quirky side with an array of wonderful but somewhat weird medicinal teas as well. Don’t forget to indulge in the sweet treats as well! The Folkestone Tea Festival takes place in July of next year. 

Easter Beer Festival 
This is one of the leading beer festivals in the South East. If you are looking to treat that lucky man in your life this is definitely the place you should take him. The event takes place just before the Medway Festival of Steam and Transport. So, if you are planning on visiting Kent this month you can be assured of a jam-packed week. This beer festival attracts brewers from all over the world. Not to be missed!

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