HOW TO GET A FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE - A vacation is supposed to be relaxing, but sometimes, travel can be stressful. After you’ve waited in a cold, boring airport, been packed into a too-small seat on a crowded flight with no leg room, by the time you arrive, you need a trip that’s twice as long just to unwind. Instead of dealing with the stress, make a few changes to the way you travel to get a more first-class experience.

The time of year you travel can make a big difference to your trip. Busier times, like during school holidays or overtimes like Christmas or Thanksgiving is always going to be a struggle. Airports and flights are busy, flights are full and hotels are pressed for space. Instead, especially if you don’t have children, travel during term time, for a quieter, calmer experience. With fewer people traveling, you’ll be able to get better seats on the plane and a better hotel room for a lower price too, and may even be able to score an upgrade. 

Choose your destination wisely. Stay away from the classic tourist traps, and instead opt for more up and coming destinations. With fewer tourists, the resort will be quieter and more relaxed. You’ll be able to book more luxe rooms for less, and day trips and restaurants will be cheaper too. This means you can have a high-end experience without spending a fortune while getting a more relaxed vibe without the crowds. 

For a really exclusive experience, look into membership only resorts. These resorts are only available to stay in if you join the membership club, and offer a top VIP experience, with quiet, private places to stay and amazing amenities. Try Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club to get that high-end vacation without crowds of tourists ruining the luxe vibe. 

If you’re hoping for a free upgrade at the hotel, be smart about it. If you’ve asked for something specific when you book, you’re more likely to be allocated a specific room in advance. Instead, just book a room with no requirements or requests and that way you’re likely to be assigned a room when you arrive and have a better shot of being bumped up. Check-in after 6pm when more rooms are available and the hotel has a better idea of which rooms are going to stay empty for the night.

Don’t arrive too late though, as those with the power to grant upgrades may have already left for the day. You’ve got a better shot at getting an upgrade if you’re only staying for a short period, as the hotel will want to try and get full price for the room as soon as possible. When you check-in, be polite and friendly and ask about possible upgrades. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you’re traveling for a special occasion, like a birthday, anniversary or honeymoon, make sure you mention it when you book and again when you check-in. Many hotels will give you an upgrade to help you celebrate.

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