Everyone has had that moment where their phone slips out of their hand and it feels as though it’s falling to the floor in slow motion. That precious technology is in freefall and you can almost see the huge bill you’ll have to pay in order to get it fixed.
Thankfully there are a few things that you can do to stop this disaster from occurring. You need to make sure that you’re holding your phone in the right way but there are also products out there that are going to make sure that phone stays within your grasp. 

Reachability mode

If you have smaller hands or a larger phone then reachability mode is going to be a good idea. This is where your phone will organize itself in a way that will make your fingers only reach out to the side of the screen which will reduce the likelihood of you dropping your phone. Most phones have this feature and it’s important to look out for it.

Tweak the keyboard

Another approach you’ll be able to tweak the keyboard to make it easier to reach. Over-reaching with your grip is one of the most common reasons why you might be dropping your phone. Not only can you amend which keys are in which location but you can also change the position of the keyboard on the phone so that it’s not stretched out over the bottom of your phone.

Adapt your home screens

A lot of the time people will only use one hand to use their phone. If your most popular apps are on the other end of your phone, then it could mean that you stretch over and lose grip. Having your most used icons on the side of the phone where your thumb is will help to alleviate this problem. Not only will it give you a better grip, but it will prevent thumb strain too.

Switch to voice control

A great way to stop yourself from dropping your phone is to not use your fingers and thumbs as much. Almost all phones are now equipped with voice control and you should use it as much as possible. You can amend it to suit your need and when you do, you’ll see the benefits as it makes using your phone a lot easier than straining your digits.

The best phone grips on the market

While these are all great tips to use, it can still be easy to drop your phone. A good phone grip will be able to give you the security you need. Here we look at the 5 best grips on the market to keep your phone off the ground. 

CatTongue Grips


If you don’t like the idea of attaching accessories to your phone but want to have a more secure grip then the CatTongue grip could well be the perfect solution. It has the lowest possible profile and will prevent the grip from slipping out of your hand.
If you care about the look of your phone, then there are many designs that you’re going to be able to get. Due to its high build quality, it’s going to be able to last for a very long time and save you a lot of money on repairs in the process.
Key features:
Non-slip grip
Easy to apply
Great durability
Thinnest profile

FITFORT Phone Ring Holder Finger Kickstand


FITFORT has been able to produce a phone grip that is highly rated by those who have used it. There are many different designs available which all look great. Behind the good looks is a design that will help to keep your phone very secure.
Along with that security, the grip also has other uses. It works very well as a kickstand as well as being able to be used as a car mount. It doesn’t have the thinnest profile of all of the phone grips on the market but it should still be able to easily slide into your pocket. 
Key features:
Stylish design
Comfortable to hold
Versatile design
Great durability
High build quality

goStrap Finger Strap


If you’re looking for the simplest solution then look no further. This is a simple finger strap but is able to keep your phone very secure. The elastic will clamp onto your hand and will allow you to be able to hold your phone with confidence, whatever you are going.
Despite being a very simple solution, it’s one that is very well made. It’s not going to fail you with the high amount of durability it has. When you’ve finished using the phone, you can just slide it back into your pocket with its minimal-bulk design.
Key features:
High compatibility
Secure grip
Slim design
Durable strap
Tight elastic

PopSockets: Collapsible Grip & Stand

PopSockets Collapsible Grip & Stand

PopSockets have been one of the leaders in phone grips for quite some time and you can see why. The collapsible design will allow you to extend it out when you need to but will fold down to be quite thin then it’s not needed.
Being able to slide your fingers next to the grip is a very effective solution. Added to that, the materials are also of the highest quality being very lightweight but with great durability. The PopSocket has a high level of compatibility and can be used with almost all phones. 
Key features:
Comfortable hold
Good grip
Works as a stand
Durable material

Monet Phone Grip

Monet Phone Grip

In terms of being a multi-use product, there isn’t going to be anything better than this Monet Phone Grip. Primarily, it is able to work very well as a phone grip and will allow you to keep your phone secure with the loop it has.
Away from that, the grip can also be used as a kickstand but there are also slots available where you’re going to be able to place cards and cash. There are also numerous color options available for you to find something which matches your style.
Key features:
Thin profile
Numerous color options
Versatile design
Very comfortable
Secure grip


You want to make sure that you’re holding your phone in the right way. Utilizing the settings on your phone will help you to do that but also using a phone grip is a great idea. All the ones we have looked at are of the highest quality and all that’s left to do is pick the one which matches your style.

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