11 REASONS TO VISIT HONG KONGHong Kong is one of the most vibrant places in the world, and is fast becoming known as the East’s version of the ‘city that never sleeps’. With incredible food, architecture, shopping, and culture to experience, Hong Kong should have pride of place in your travel bucket listHere are eleven reasons you need to visit Hong Kong

1.  Hong Kong is known for having some of the most incredible nightlife in the world. Enjoy a drink while enjoying some incredible views from the highest bar in the area. The Ozone Bar is a whopping 1608ft above sea level, on the 118th floor. What better way to get a look at the cityscape? 

2.  Hiking might not be the most obvious city activity, but Hong Kong also has some amazing hiking trails around the area. Around Hong Kong, you can explore mountains, open green spaces, forests, and beaches, all on beautiful hiking trails. 

3.  Try Dim Sum. Hong Kong is home to some amazing restaurants, but Dim Sum is a great way to experience the local cuisine. These mini dishes come in a huge variety, from fluffy bao buns filled with pork to juicy vegetable dumplings. Hong Kong has a reputation for outstanding Dim Sum, so make sure you make the most of it while you’re there.

4.  Take a trip on a traditional red-sailed Chinese junk. These boats are iconic and a trip on one along the river is the best way to admire the beautiful lights of the city at nighttime.

5.  Find your zen with a trip to one of Hong Kong’s Buddhist hubs. These religious spaces usually have the best examples of traditional Chinese architecture from the Tang Dynasty. You can relax in lotus gardens and admire Bonsai and tea plants too.

6.   A street art scene is springing up in the area of Sheung Wan. Take a walk around the area and admire beautiful art pieces that are beginning to cover the area’s buildings.

7.  There are many excellent shopping districts in Hong Kong for you to stock up on presents for friends left at home or souvenirs for yourself. Check out the Temple Night Market or the Ladies Market for souvenirs. Discover modern, luxury fashion at Shanghai Tang, or find local brands at PMQ.

8.  Take a day trip to one of Hong Kong’s surrounding islands. Eat amazing, fresh seafood or try some adventurous sports like rock-climbing or wakeboarding. For a taste of local culture, visit Cheung Chau during the bun festival.

9.  For something a little unusual, visit SoHo and spend the day walking the 800 meters of covered escalators. This is one the best ways to explore the area and visit some of the cafes, boutiques and antique shops of Hong Kong.

10. Eat! Hong Kong is amazing for foodies. Try the area’s noodle joints, microbreweries, or fine dining restaurants. Hong Kong also has a thriving street food scene so you can try even more kinds of food.

11. Hong Kong’s public transport system is some of the most efficient and cleanest in the world, which makes the area really easy to get around, even as a tourist. 

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