FESTIVAL FASHION 2019 - Festival fashion is undoubtedly the most fun you’ll have with clothing this summer. There are no rules; anything goes. After all, a festival is the only time when it is completely acceptable to wear a tiny crop top with a pair of Hunters! It’s also a world whereby accessories rule. There’s no such thing as too much. From sunglasses to necklaces, to hair accessories, to statement rings; you name it, you wear it.

A handful of the top festivals have already been and gone this summer – such as the festival of all festivals, Coachella – however, there are still plenty more on the horizon. Whether you’re staying in America or crossing the pond for festivals in Europe, or you simply want to embrace the festival feel; here are the top three pieces which will give your outfits the perfect finishing touch...

OTT Flower Hair Bands
A lot of fashionistas love to play around with different hair accessories come festival time. This year it’s a case of the bigger; the crazier; the better. Over the past few years, we’ve seen daisy chains really find their place as the top hair accessory. However, in 2019, they have been knocked off the top spot as OTT flower hair bands are running riot. Of course, you will need to make sure your hair is on point for something like this. You can choose styling tools that won’t damage your hair to ensure your festival look doesn’t leave your locks damaged.

Printed Scarves
The great thing about this accessory is the fact that it is highly versatile. There are lots of different patterns available and a scarf can be worn with an array of different clothing garments; from shift dresses to t-shirts to blouses. When buying a printed scarf for your festival wardrobe, go for one with an edge to it. Floral patterns and pastel colors are lovely, but why not grunge it up a bit? After all, skulls are another popular trend at present, and thanks to late Alexander McQueen’s famous skull scarves, this is a style that will never go out of fashion. But don’t feel the need to spend between in excess of $300.00 on new designs; there are cheaper takes on this trend which look just as brilliant.

Rounded Sunglasses
And last but not least, we have rounded sunglasses; these are undoubtedly the must-have accessory of 2019. They are cool, quirky and possess a rock n roll British vibe; all the qualities you want for your five-star festival style. The celebrities love this trend too; with everyone rocking this look from Queen B herself, to Cara Delevingne, to Gwen Stefani, to Rihanna. But we’d like to credit the late John Lennon for truly rocking this trend. You can just imagine kicking back in the 60s with your ultra cool shades at hand whilst The Beatles play to the thousands!

So there you have it; the top three accessories to rock at a festival this summer. Don’t forget to use the summer sales to your advantage. There can be some real finds on reduced accessories at this time of the year.

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