10 REASONS WHY WE LOVE FASHIONAs stylist Rachel Zoe said: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” and she was right. Your clothes, your style, your sense of fashion are one of the first things that people notice about you. While it can take some time to work out what it is you like and feel comfortable showing that off, fashion and style is a powerful thing and here are some reasons why we should all love fashion, clothing, and style.

It’s Powerful
The clothing we wear can be our most powerful and distinct form of expression of ourselves and our personality. What we choose to wear shows people our mood for the day, tells them about our personality and even what we think of ourselves.

It Protects Us
Clothing covers our bodies; it protects us from the elements and keeps us warm. Fashionable clothing does this in style, and it can also hide parts of our bodies we feel conscious about.

It’s Fun!
Not just shopping or wearing clothes, but Fashion shows are entertaining and visually pleasing, unlike any other kind of performance art.

It’s Good For The Economy
Fashion boosts the economy, and the industry creates jobs for a vast number of people. From the designer who sketches the original designs to the manufacturer of the clothing, to the salesperson who sells the garment, to the photographers, magazine editors, bloggers and so on.

You Can Enjoy It Anywhere
Whether you’re shopping online, at a department store, small boutique or resale shop, a market, in a different country, a car boot sale, welcoming new items into your wardrobe and then wearing them, can simply make you feel fabulous and excited.

It’s Inspiring
Window shopping, and flicking through magazines is a fun way to get new ideas and become inspired.  Better yet, it’s free to do!

Apparel is reusable and recyclable
You can wear things again, pass them on to other people and get endless joy from fashion which you can share with other people.

What comes around goes around
If you hold onto something long enough, it will go from being in style to being a bit out, to being dated, to being in fashion again. If you buy good quality clothing, you can conceivably wear it again for many decades.

It’s For Everyone
It doesn’t matter what it is you like, your style is your style, and thankfully today fashion is far more inclusive, we have some fantastic ranges of plus size clothing, non-gender clothing, and nothing is ‘weird’ now, it’s just cool and it’s cool to be yourself and express yourself.

It’s Beautiful
Fashion photography is a gorgeous art form, and you don’t have to go to a museum to see it, pick up a Vogue magazine for your daily dose of visual inspiration.

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