5 REASONS TO VISIT BALI IN 2019Although there are many luxurious destinations in the world, there is one that has captured my heart time and time again: Bali. Here are five reasons to visit Bali in 2019, and they might show you why it’s becoming a favorite with travelers all around the globe.

The Luxurious Hotels

When thinking of Bali, it can be easy to get lost imagining the landscape. However, there are so many incredible hotels on offer, such as the Hotel Indigo Seminyak. It’s filled with intricate ornaments and is just a short distance from the local beach. Many of the hotels have spa facilities that can help you achieve the relaxing vacation you need, with most also being incredible value for money.


Their Fantastic Beaches

The beauty that can be found on Bali’s beaches is almost out of this world. However, it’s not all white sand and crystal clear water; there are also several coves filled with black sands that can mesmerize even the best of us. Every beach is different from the next and many offer up incredible surfing locations that provide some of the best waves in the world.

The Many Temples

As if the natural landscape wasn’t enough already, Bali is also filled with temples of all shapes and sizes that have grown to become some of the most famous landmarks in the country. Although many of the temples were built hundreds of years ago, many locals still offer up flowers every day, meaning there’s always plenty of life in the area. A trip to a temple or two is sure to make some memories you will never forget.


It’s Beginning To Get Popular

One reason to visit Bali in 2019 is to ensure you get to enjoy the land for all it’s worth before the visitors take over. Did you know that the number of Australian visitors to the country has increased by 546% since 2006? Visiting this year means you could beat the rush before this incredible land is filled with other travelers, all hoping to take in a slice of the magic with their own eyes.

The Food on Offer

Bali has become hugely famous for the local cuisine. As well as being home to several of the best restaurants in the world, the food on offer in Bali is thought to be some of the most complexes on the planet. It’s their variety of meat and fish, teamed with the selection of fresh vegetables and spices, that has seen people coming back time and time again. Once you’ve had a taste, it’s hard to find anything that beats one of these meals.

These are just five of my reasons to visit Bali in 2019. What do you think? Let me know about your memories from this wonderful land in the comments down below.

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