HOW DO YOU SEE A FAILURE? - I believe that each one of you had at least one big failure in life, in fact, we get used to it since the day we were born, failure is not an opposite of life success, it's part of it and we already pass all of those failures and just doing fine now, be prepare for another failure and next disappointment.

As much as I hate failure, especially when I am in the moment of failing, I think we need that moment to grow bigger, to have our heart and mind open wider. Yes, sometimes I sad and tired passing those cycles again and again, but do you have a better idea to live a life? 

When we do the most, there's someone need our help to embrace the failing moment, vice versa when we are in the moment of failure, we need someone to have our back, to keep out feet stand the ground and remind us that everything will be all right and just fine.

So if you need help, do not hesitate to ask for help, if you need to talk, reach someone who can listen to you, if you need to cry just cry out loud deliver your emotions, it's not a sign of weak, it's a sign that you know what's happening in your life, sign of awareness and it happened sometimes (even a lot of times) and don't forget when you are in good moment, there's probably someone that needs your help.

Life is already complicated enough, with happy moments and fail moments come and go, just remember that you are not alone and this should have pass someday.

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