Insider Tips For Living and Doing Business in Indonesia

INSIDER TIPS FOR LIVING AND DOING BUSINESS IN INDONESIA - I have been interviewed by one of Emerhub writer, it was not a really in-depth interview but only one question about opening a business in Indonesia for expatriate. At first, I was kinda confused how to answer, but of course, my answer will not fall too far from social media and digital marketing.

One common mistake (I think) that brand marketer do is hiring an agency and pushed the agency too far when it comes to influencer marketing, are they only want to work with personal that has massive followers. Well is only one parameter, you still need to dive deeper rather only talk only the surface. Followers and engagement rate are only a number, and the number is limitless if you only see the successful campaign only by that number... so ya good luck, we can buy followers & likes though, to make our profile legit.

Digital and influencer marketing is more complicated these days, I think we need to go back to traditional ways that selling idea and value in the content but in the modern ways of social media approach. You can screen the influencers you want to invite to work together by seeing their background, knowledge, ideas, demographics, target market, in-depth data about their social media channels. If they don't get it & clueless in the first place, probably they don't really care about it, or just fake their outlook profile with only likes & follower, without knowing who's their audiences. Same with the business, you need to know, who's your consumer as details as possible, what the need, what they're looking for, so then we can talk about ROI. 

But that's a piece of my thought in the harsh of the competition of social media marketing because blogger, vlogger, Instagram influencer or whatever you call it is an integral part of the system. There's clean and the dirty play too, so it's not as easy by seeing how many followers and likes they are gaining every day because it's easy as push the button and make an order. But if you want to open a business, of course, you need to use these platforms, it's easy and the audience is total massive in Indonesia and chooses the right influencer for your business is essentials. Some people say it was a digital marketing no more, it's marketing!

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