THE IMPORTANCE OF LOVING YOURSELF - Some people asked me why I'm so calm, why I rarely give an opinion about what's happening around; politics, issues, gossips, mocking other people and looks like that I am happy with what I am doing. I was like, really? I don't know, maybe I am just too tired to push my opinions out of my mind or maybe I just want to focus on how to enjoy my time to the fullest most of the time, but honestly I am not that calm, I am just pushing myself to feel calm and not give any single shit thing towards what's happening, not that I don't care but more on to focusing on how I'm reflecting so I can produce the positive energy around the negativity that always attacking me. Because what I see or read nowadays, it was far from a nice thing; hatred, prejudice, misunderstanding, war, sadness, oppress, what else? dysfunctional common-sense? (this is also the things we need to change). Now you are reading my opinions :)

Yes sometimes I feel insecurities really disturb and make my mood swing into every direction, and I just want to say that this world is a dumb place to live, people are so dumb I can't take it anymore. But hey, sometimes my consciousness is back to the Zen state, 15 minutes focusing on my breath under the sunlight, let it be what's should be and realized that the sun still shines and warms, the birds are still singing, the wind is still breezing and I am okay.

At this moment, I am in a Zen state, so what I am talking about right now could be our benefits, I have no idea my feeling 15 minutes later;p. The importance of loving yourself is to accept the good and the bad as your life experiences,  it's not an easy thing as I really say, but let's get elaborate this.

In my defense, I have been following my heart since a long time ago, I accept myself without trying to change any single of it, but what's hard to accept that there are people around you who even hard to love themselves, it's attacking your inner-peace. Friends, family, and, society who don't support you, who's don't believe in what you're doing, those vibes killer is so toxic. I don't even know how to respond to that unless to focus on my breath and keep telling myself that I am okay.

"Don't worry if people don't like you. Most people are struggling to like themselves"

People have a different approached on how to make thyself feel calm, better and even happier, but seriously just don't hurt other people, whether it mentally, physically or anything, but then again, if you feel hurt, that's part of your life experiences that you need to accept. So consciously or unconsciously you won't hurt anyone else, and you'll aware of it.

As a human, you tend to expect something from other human beings ( I want my husband/wife to do this, I want my son/daughter to follow this, I want my partner to love & care about me, I want my friend to do this and that| The question is How's about yourself? what you are doing for you), and that's how the difference between loving yourself and feeds the ego, you want someone else to do something for you but won't bother yourself to change what's inside you since the very beginning. When you don't get what you want. you become so evil, eviler than the hell's creatures. Honestly, It can happen to everyone, and the most commons cases are Denial and Betrayal.

Yes, sometimes I denied something lol, it's a human defense system to make them feel better. But I see something dangerous on denial, they don't accept themselves and let it be what's supposed to be, they soul need helps, spiritually and scientifically. Because unconsciously, what happened could be they don't love themselves enough, they don't accept what's happened to them. They still can be a good person, be nice to one another, but denial can lead to the broken and unhappy soul, you name it. On the next level of acute denial, this person can do something more devastating, Betrayal.

When you feel don't enough with yourself, you seek it in someone else. Here is the thing, if you have an empty soul, and you feel by absorbs from 1000 or 100K people, your soul will be full? No, it's not going to happen, your soul will never full, you will end up hurting someone's soul and broke it into pieces. You need to fill in your soul by yourself, it is an inside job.

Then you got the message; be yourself, be who you are, love yourself, I wish you're enough, be present, and all the motivational quotes. Because when you love yourself enough, you can share it with others. First, you are happy and enough, and you can make others happy, contrary to popular believe, without asking something in return.

"I meditated this morning under the sun to realized that every torture, blood, pain, and betrayal is better than not to follow your heart. For me, it's a metaphor from the story of #Jesus who's betrayed by #Judas, his own disciple.

Always choose your heart, the Jesus side, because it's where God resides and don't let it die, don't betray it because you can't escape your heart, or you will end up by hanging your dead body on a dry tree.

Any story you choose to believe, there is always a hidden meaning just for you to be discovered"

You have your own reality, other things outside your reality is an illusion. It can affect your reality, but it all depends on you. For me by loving yourself, you let yourself connects to the higher forces, every culture called it in so many names. I don't want to share my ideology towards this, you need you to find it yourself, so many guides out there and for me, it's heading to the same light, but so far I'm quite happy with my understanding (although, it can change if there's something that I need to understand a little bit further). So what I need to maintain right now, is self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-love :) | With that path, I always can find myself,

And the thoughts that I wrote, I can't help to ask myself, "Do I love myself enough, to share the love I have to someone else, or even wider to the world?"

*Let me focus on my breath

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