MENTION BY JAKARTAPOST.COM | TEN INDONESIAN TRAVELERS WHO MAY INSPIRE YOUR NEXT TRIP - Thank you so much for a little mention about me, I just found out about it because one of my friends sent me the link. I really appreciate that, thank you. It says:

"Deluxshionist, written by Herdiana Surachman, takes his travels to a more luxurious level, as he reviews high-end restaurants and hotels around the globe. Lately, he has been very centered on trips in Indonesia. Eager travelers in search for a more lavishing experience should definitely look into it. He has quite a classy, fashion-forward sense of style when dressing himself – an indicator of his great taste in everything."

That little mention which inspires me to travel more, whenever there is an opportunity for me to experience genuine travel. Bottom line, I had an opportunity to work with luxury hospitality industry not because it is my travel preference, I don't limit myself to take a chance whether it's leisure or adventure experience, it has nothing to do with my travel preference.

I love to witness the great God creation called nature, visit National Park, and had interactions with animals. But somehow my blog started review luxury resort back in 2012 when the first time I wrote about Amanjiwo Resort and Waisak Night in Borobudur Temple and the posts received a good response even until now on.

Different case, like Alaya Hotel Ubud, on a paper it is 4 stars Boutique Hotel with one swimming pool, one restaurant, Spa, but the service was almost 5 stars class. I believe they are already expanding now, with another restaurant, Manisan Bali and one more pool (I haven't tried it yet, maybe soon)

Another case, one resort in the less touristy spot, they are a resort under big names but now they got under new management now. I had a good time, but not as much as a good time in another resort, so I decided to not talk about them as much as I talked about another resort like InterContinental Jimbaran Bali or Awarta Nusa Dua Bali who have excellent hospitality and service along with value for money per 2016, because everything can change and you could have different experience than me, but I believe they're so fine so good.

When I want to explore, I choose cheaper accommodation, and it was acceptable like when I need be outside during Ubud Writer & Readers Festivals I had stayed in Ubud Inn, when I explore West to East Bali I decided to stay at Berry Biz Kuta, The last day in Phuket I stay at Dara Boutique Hotel, or when in Singapore I choose to stay at Hangout at Mt. Emily. Or you can choose a guest house with local hospitality, it can add an intimate travel experience with locals, learn a new thing from them, even invited to explore hidden gems known only to local people. Also sounds interesting, doesn't it?

That's my short story about my luxury travel experience, so much to come this year, and I also want to have more adventures. Whatever kind of travel you choose, be happy and be free. We'll see guys :) and once again thank you so much Jakarta Post for including me on your list ;). More about the article Ten Indonesian travelers who may inspire your next trip

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  2. Great list, keep inspiring to travel the world!!!