5 MILLIONS OF VIEWS ON BLOGGING - Early this year my blog has reached its 5 Millions of views, thank you so much for visiting my blog, wherever you are :). I wish my blog is what kind you were looking for hahaha, and what you read in this blog can bring benefits to you guys in some ways.

There have been love and hate during those times, like when I try to gather a new material to write based on daily life when I feel inspired, hopeful, sad, desperate or when I have a talk with people, saw them argue in social media, or even some surprises when I travel. There are so many things to write but somehow I don't know if it is relatable to you guys because it seems that most of your life is perfectly pictured, but let's be honest, there is no such a thing as a perfect everyday life, isn't it?

I know some of you are trying so hard to be grateful (including me lol), it because almost no one wants to share their sorrow & suffering to the public (including me, hmmm sometimes), although it was not wrong at all to express your sadness, there are some people share it in social media, and that makes me think that even in social media life, there is no such a thing as a perfect everyday life.

There have been love and hate times (or we can say dislike), even when I entered the blogosphere;

LOVE, when I can, actualized my ideas into experience and I share my experience through this platform
LOVE when someone appreciated and supported my ideas
LOVE when someone can relate to my writing
LOVE when someone emailed me that they have inspired by my blog post(s)
LOVE when there are so much opportunity open because of blogging

DISLIKE when I wasn't sure with my writing (lol)
DISLIKE when people impose their will into my platform
DISLIKE when my head full of negativity and I want to blog it up
DISLIKE when I made so many drafts without actually brave enough to publish it (damn it)
and the dislike almost like the opposite, even though I still need to respect it, because it was not all about you.

Through all these years and 5.000.000 views I learned a lot that you just can't stop, because you may make mistakes, you were not satisfied, you angry, but as long as there is a love, you do what you do and thank you so much for all your support :) #KeepBlogging

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