THREE JAPAN CLEANSING OIL & FACIAL FOAM - Are we now using oil to clean our face from dust and dirt?

Our face produces oil to make our skin keep moisture, but that's oil from our body which was actually oil produced by anything we ate. So many examples that oil could prevent cells from ageing and it is actually good for your healthy skin. So now it could be the year of oil and essence; from coconut oil for any use, body oil, hair oil, face oil, ear oil, scars bio oil, made of natural ingredients, something made for safer lifestyle and holistic approach.

But nothing like a real healthy lifestyle where you have been giving time to plant your own vegetables and herbs, raise your own livestock with love, natural fluoride free water and less chemical right here and there, Organic! You actually make your food a medicine, it is actually a way of life. But we are have been living around stress and depress society; you can grow an organic vegetable on your rooftop, and breed some freshwater fishes but it's almost impossible with chicken, sheep, moreover cow. Modern farm is hell for them, they are not happy, so do not expect anything from them to fulfilled your nutrition, they were there to fulfilled capitalism target, I have no idea what kind of injections that has been given to them.

That was a paragraph about a healthy lifestyle for modern people, but let's get back to the oil business. Even though I believe it was not 100% essential oil, Three Japan Balancing Cleansing Oil & Balancing Foam is burning spirit of holistic beauty. If you enter the Spa room at Luxury Resort or, at least, a good Spa, the scent of this product could represent a very calm, relax and natural. Also for that reason, need time and routines to apply this to keep your skin health. I personally like it, but I think these products is made to maintain the healthiness of your current face condition, so if you already got 'that' skin, as long as your skin fit with the foam and oil, everything will be balanced as you wish. Unfortunately, my face skin condition is not really good at the moment, so this product does not much help me with it, but I still using the oil before I go to sleep tho.

Ps: Three Japan Balancing Cleansing Oil & Balancing Foam are available at Central Department Store, Grand Indonesia

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