#ALAMBERBICARA - Our last global disaster, Borneo & Sumatra forest fires although not much cause any casualties, it's just still sad, the victims were not a human, but the victims were the trees, animals that live and support ecosystem in the forest, but if the act of this brutality continues, we will be the last victim.

It becomes my concern that nature and culture must be safe, we talk about our existence and our survival in the world of economy and modernity. We cannot keeping our bad habits and lifestyle and hope everything in the world will be fine, I need to change, we need to change. You can seek so many information about eco-living (not ego-living) and start to think that we are connected, whatever is happening in this Planet Earth are because of us, our demand, our greed, then you will understand. But understand is not enough, we need to act!

I received an email from Conservtion.org, this is what you need to know, if nature could speak, what would they say? No,they will not say "Safe Us"

I am copying you, the release...

CI Indonesia Vice President, Ketut Sarjana Putra said, “Our forests and our seas are the source of life and if kept intact can reduce the impact of climate change. Indonesia needs to adopt innovative sustainable development pathways that value and protect nature. However, this sort of change takes time. First we must raise awareness of the environmental issues in Indonesia, particularly our impacts on global climate change. It is our hope that Alam Berbicara can achieve this.”

“1.5 million hectares of land are destroyed annually and 95% of our coral reefs are highly threatened. The situation could get worse if we don’t act now. We are responsible for excessive nature exploitation and devastation. Indonesia needs a public commitment to maintain nature to attain human welfare. Reducing the rate of deforestation and coral reef bleaching, and building the capacity around sustainable approaches are the main focus CI’s efforts in Indonesia,” said Ketut Putra.

The campaign draws support from various partners, such as the Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs (MMFA) and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF). Referring to the collaborative programs between CI and MEF.

Climate Change general director MEF Dr. Nur Masripatin emphasized, “It is important to balance the harmony between Human, Nature and Creators. Man was given with wealthy resources from God. And if Man utilize natural resources and preserve the harmony, there will be no natural damages like todays.”

With a total forest area of 88.5 million hectares (Forest Watch Indonesia, 2011) and 77 marine conservation areas that encompass 15.7 million hectares, Indonesia is home to 250 million people, more than 4,000 animal species and countless plant species.

As a country characterized by its high population and rate of development, and also its rich biodiversity and original forest cover, Indonesia has both the power to influence the impact of climate change and other nations to follow suit. The Alam Berbicara aims to catalyse this thinking by giving nature a voice.

CI’s Integrated Approach to Land and Marine Conservation
CI’s approach is to integrate land and marine conservation so that both ecosystems can remain intact. They believe this cohesion is essential as the land and sea influence each other, because if one is unhealthy the other will be effected.

To support Indonesia’s population growth, careful sustainability planning is required to develop new infrastructure and to ensure the people’s access to food and water. Key to this is nature, as among many things, it provides fresh water for cities and irrigates the farmlands that produce humankind’s food CI’s programs, developed together with the Indonesian government, are designed around this concept and are located all around the country.

“Our conservation approach is to work closely with the people and the government to preserve the environment. We ensure that nature is considered as a key support to infrastructure development, not a barrier. We also ensure that this work preserves key natural areas that reduce the impact of global climate change,” said Ketut Putra.

CI Indonesia’s program is now focused on five provinces, namely North Sumatra, Riau Islands, West Java, Bali and West Papua and each has its own strategy that is integrated and in accordance with the context of local values and cultures.

I just hope after all this we can be more aware to the one and only our living source, nature, the planet earth. That for some people who are having the easy life more aware that our population and next generation needs nature more than anything.

5 simpe things we can do:
1. Keep clean (Throw the garbage to its place)
2. Reduce use of plastic & paper
3. Saving Energy
4. Saving Water
5. Use Environtmentally Responsible Products (Organic, non-GMO products etc)

I know it is not an easy thing to do, but at least you can try, no 1-4 are so easy, right? no. 5 is need an effort, but that's all we can do for survive, the sources used and utilized every second, the users also increases every day. We need to love what makes our life easy, the Nature, our own Mother, Mother Earth!

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