5 YEARS OF DELUXSHIONIST.COM by Herdiana Surachman

5 YEARS OF DELUXSHIONIST.COM – Yessss it is, I am so happy that I have been here, crazy for deluxshionist.com for the past 5 years and still counting, pretty wish to have a greater, wider, better experience will bring me in this industry. I feel so bad that I rarely write personal thought lately, even all my personal thought I want to share often about complain.

Life as a blogger is not an easy thing, I don’t even know how many countless education I gave to people to explain that my main things to do is showing the style of my personal experience in everything and sometimes I get paid for that, I get paid to create a content and yes I sell myself for the sake of promoting someone else’s business.

The cycle will be like; I create a content from my idea > I attract readers > I got money > I create more contents from my idea + contents sponsored by clients > I attracts more readers > I got more money

That cycle is rolling all the time, but my voice is still the most important aspect on how my opinions spread through all these digital world and since it’s a business, there is a reason why the hell on earth I take pictures of my breakfast, smile to my own food, and there will be a people holding a camera when I am pouring myself with water, those silly but fun things I have done are all about that bizzz

I have been working with brands, meeting people, do shits that I have been done before, going places, stay at some luxury hotel & resorts etc, and all of that is a form reporting instead of showing off, because showing off is a damn tiring act to maintain (well there is a thin line between showing off and sharing, but I’m not kind of people, ordering brunch in a nice restaurant and posting it on IG for likes, b***h please now I am complaining and explaining myself, great lol)

But sometime maybe I lost control, or over excited because I never thought that blogging brought me or even changed me in every way, or social media I think in particular. But not really, I am still an old school guy, who doesn’t really care if I don’t post real-time. I don’t tweet that much, posting on IG like 3-4 times a day or even week, but there is always a special person like you who reading my post right nowJ, thank you

There are a lot of opportunities coming for delusxhionist.com in 2016 (yes I am still listing it) and I am so excited for it, and I wish you can be with me in the process, I know it’s been a longtime since my last visit to your blog (blogwalking) and I am aware that I need to do that again, just to check out how are you guys doing right now, because I feel I miss that blogging moment in 2010-2012 when I was struggling as hell (well even right now I am still struggling explaining about myself, SEO, CPM, traffic etc haha)

But thank GOD for all past and future opportunities so I can keep writing on deluxshionist.com. The best part of it of course the experience and the people I met along the way. As I miss media trip so much, I wish blogger can get an equal position with media, why not? Almost 200K people read my Amanjiwo post; it is something like great right, no? So please, not even one local magazine can reach that number in a single article except maybe Cosmopolitan or Femina? But whatever

There are so much dream and work to do, I hope everything will be a good life experience and journey that will make me grow as a human, make me wise as a people who curious about something, make me strong as a learner, make me happy because of sharing my own happiness. Happy 5 years old deluxshonist.com and thank you guys for always being with me J

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  1. Congratulations! Keep up the amazing blog!!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
    Palming Pebbles FB

  2. Congrats for your blog 5th birthday! Keep up for the amazing work in your blog!

    Regards, @HEYDEERAHMA | A Story From Indonesia Lifestyle Blogger

  3. Congrats for your blog 5th birthday! Keep up for the amazing work in your blog!

    Regards, @HEYDEERAHMA | A Story From Indonesia Lifestyle Blogger