DO YOU WANT TO HELP ROHINGYA? - There are many many more disturbing images and news about Rohingya that you can find on the internet and newspaper, International labeled them as The World's most persecuted people; have no land, have no money, even a thousands of Rohingya are drifting on the ocean waiting for help by neigbourhood countries like Indonesia, Thailand & Malaysia.

I know you are busy with your work, with your shitty bosses, with your ugly co-workers, your boring jobs with endless revision or even you're hate your life. But for a second, can you imagine yourself on the boat, in the middle of the sea with no meal, no water, people crying for help, babies and children died but it's hard to let their body away to the ocean, Your problem is nothing compared to them, compared to so many poor families who lost everything they had by war, by hatred.

I want to promote love and kindness here, that maybe now you are in happy or sad mood, laughing or crying, so you thought that you have a lot more Issues than Vogue or New York Times ever made and published.

Yes this is cliche, but the thing we can do now is only pray for the best and donate some money; some of them have been accomodated, have access to food and clean water. We are all connected each other, in this case of donation, I believe you can donate more than enough money; it's cheaper than your mineral water in high profile dining, it's cheaper than your flight fare to closest paradise island, it's cheaper than your CK underwear, and cheapher IKEA's cheapest quilt and pillow. Donate even it's only $1 or IDR 10.000, not only helping Rohingya directly, you are helping the local goverment whoc take care of the refugees.

For you in Indonesia, you can check and find further information at for donation, . You can also do reseacrh where to give donation in your country, do some research, give them your love, show them you have enough love and pray

Pic via Times UK

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