RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL - What responsible travel is? that's why I wrote this post.

Just a quick update from my recent travel to Japan, Visit Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort in Niigata Perfecture and Lake Kawaguchi to see the beautiful Fuji-san closer in Yamanashi Perfecture. Thanks to JR East & Tokyo Rail Days Indonesia who supported this trip and make all happened (soon I will reveal all my Japan Trip - Tokyo Rail Days Trip after this post.. there are a lot to share and tell) but first, let me contemplating...

During this trip I received an email from UK about responsible travel, because there are so many travelers but they're like far away from being responsible. I always think it always relate to volunteering in so many aspects; like education, health care, natural site protection, cultural preservation etc, but the point is the value of mutualism creates benefits both for you and the place you visits.

But what I want to know, what is the simplest responsible things that we can apply during our travel time? (because most of you I believe will travel for fun, to stress relieve, to feel new experience but just in a short time).. please let me know on the comment box down below :)


Apa sih itu "Responsible Travel"? Bisa langsung di googling sebenernya, tapi untuk kita yang traveling dalam waktu singkat hanya 3-4 malem, paling lama mungkin cuman 10 hari (itupun pindah2 dan loncat2 karena ingin semua didatengin)

Apa sih artinya Responsible Travel atau jalan-jalan yang bertanggung jawab menurut versi kamu? Yang hal paling sederhana untuk melakukan traveling yang bertanggung jawab disaat kunjungan singkat kita?

kasih tau pendapatnya di kotak komentar dibawah yaaa... dan selamat travelling :)

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  1. So cool you visited japan. Thats still on my list
    Nice post man ! ;-)
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    Greets Jon

    1. My next list hopefully Turkey, yesss will do check it soonest

  2. so lucky travel everyday take me too pleasse lol