simPATI Recharge Bonus + Digital Activity Tebal Lirik Dapat Lebih

simPATI DAPAT LEBIH GET RECHARGE GET MORE - In this digital life nowadays there is another thing that we essentially need to “life” except oxygen, it is an internet connection anywhere anytime, and one more thing, yes it is music.

Who doesn't love music, when you are happy, grateful, in a crush, having tears of joy, or even of pain, on summertime or when rain falling down. Moreover when life gives you bored, honestly I am karaoke person, so I always pretend that my voice as good as professional singer lol. There is one time when I was waiting for some friends to hanging out with me on the weekend, and they call me, tell me that the traffic as crazy as hell, there was nothing I can do because I left my laptop and I only have my phone in my hand, yes social media quite help sometimes, but listening to the music could kill more times.

Then, I was remember about the new promo from Telkomsel, SimPATI Bonus Isi Ulang, I did free register my number to *999*1#, then I choose package IDR 50.000 because I will get bonus data valued 200MB & I want 50% discount from Langit Music so I can get unlimited download plus free NSP (Nada Sambung Pribadi), well I told you now, even you recharge your credit only for IDR 10.000 you also will get free data. So it starting from IDR 10.000 and bonus data up to 1GB, depends on your recharge nominal.

That’s all? No, there is one thing and this is absolutely for your entertainment, Digital Activity Tebak Lirik #DapatLebih, another fun way to enjoy music. And what is all Tebak Lirik #DapatLebih? This a game that you can access from your mobile phone, you can go to right from your mobile phone browser, log in and fill in with your personal info, play the game, earn the scores and prizes is waiting for you. This is also proving ground that you are a music addict, if you are the top scorer of the week; you are entitled to simPATI credit valued as 1 million IDR. Last but not least, if you are in the top 10 of the top scorer all the time in the end of period, there is free LG Optimus G2 and free internet data for a year. I wish I am, but we’ll see lol

So what are you waiting for, get the data bonus every time you recharge your credit and play the game for your happiness. Enjoy :)

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