BLURRED BYNES - Finds this music video starring drag queens super stars Detox, Willam & Vicky Vox and I see this very entertaining. Well, although they here are offend some people, but do not take this seriously, enjoy laughing to what they do and singing.

They are still a men inside, but what they do is amaze me. They are the one who are lucky enough to have talent and brave to what they do, and making money much more than we could earn each month. I just found out that is one show, Ru Paul's Drag Race, kinda look like Tyra's ANTM but they are all drag queen. If you are drag haters or drag-traumatic, never mind.

But most of them in the show is produce a happiness, I found myself LMAO-ing just by see some youtube of clip, however prejudice and judgement is always been there; we are scare to them (ya some of them dressed too much and scary), we consider them weird, but to better understand, some of them again lucky enough doing this pure as performer you'll be amaze how they are doing is not an easy thing. If you are think they having blurred life, they have entertained a lot of people and make them happy, have you? enjoy LMAO-ing...

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