BRITISH INVASION - London, one of the biggest capital city of fashion in the world and one of my obsession. If we are talking about British or London style, a lot of images and imaginations that came through my mind, start from its elegance and classy that so much influenced by the Victorian era, the rebellious tense that you feel all over London streets where the punk and music and fashion mix together to become a pop culture and they are actually felt everywhere.

Following names like Alexander Mcqueen, John Galliano, Christoper Kane, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, the legendary Burberry, Phillip Treacy etc etc and the new love goes to Mary Kratantzou with her epic and dramatic designs, just heart all the prints. So it becomes an essential things from British design, if i have to tell you all my top 3 and all the must have thigs in your life and of course myself, it will be Burberry Coat, The OMG millinery and The Kratantzou Prints.

I have to say that when it comes to coat anything coat; trench coat, peacoat, double breasted coat, long coat, military coat, i need it exactly from the expert, well although I prefer from Burberry Prosum, because most of the coat design refers to Burberry's legendary coat, yes Burberry and its coat have a long story and the item always on Burberry first face. The new coat collection from Burberry for Spring/Summer 2013 is a major revolutionary on the journey of the coat itself, the metallic coat.

From the Queen to the queer, from Lady D to Lady Gaga - we are all love all this gorgeous millinery by Mr. Philip Treacy. I can say it is symbol of beauty, classy and elegance but you can play with it and twisted it become something very genuine, edgy, rebel and out the box - another must have and another master piece made by Mr. Philip Treacy is already on my list.

It is a total art and I can stop amaze by only looking all the illustrations and the prints on all clothes. I want want want the  blazer so bad and all my top 3 must have from British design *finger-crossed* and if I looking at my personal style, I do love outerwear, I love coat so much the double breasted one, I am obsessed in full printed shirt as I love the Mary Kratantzou designs and I wish someday I can put one or two  millinery in London Fashion Week :))))). 

Not forget about the top fashion bloggers, some of them is came from this land; Sussie Lau from Style Bubble, Pelayo Diaz from Katelovesme (basically he was studying in Central Saint Martins College of Art) and Kristin Knox from The Clothes Whisperer, she also an author for the book Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation 

Susie Lau (Susie Bubble) from Style Buble

Pelayo Diaz From Katelovesme

Kristin Knox from The Clothes Whisperer

They all are giving us a lot of fashion inspirations in this digital era, we can see what they are actually wearing right now, as long as they upload their latest look via twitter or blog. They are all become obsession, I'm obsessed and it is obsessive for people who actually taking their attentions to fashion and became very conscious about it. For myself in Deluxshionist, they are helping me to see what is really happening there, with an updates and of course with their genuine style. I wear what I like and I shop what is basically that i can afford, but London with their style, art and culture always make me excited and absolutely I put my eyes on them.

The good news came from British Council, there will be a full day workshop in Plaza Senayan with one of UK Blogger, she is Kristin Knox, wooohooooop - the workshop is a part of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. Do you can't wait? oh me too, they will be a lot of exhibitions related UK fashion and more info maybe you can check British Council "UK Fashion Now" below...

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  1. Great Inspiration!! Wish I could go to the blogger event!!

    - Aimee

  2. oh honey Aimee, i will be more than excited if you come to Indonesia and show us your DIY super ability... hope to see you someday girl

  3. This is a great tribute to London! I lived there for 15 years and now live on and off. My favourite designers are Galliano, Westwood and MacQueen. And I love the way Westwood goes beyond fashion and uses her fame to educate the world on pressing social issues...