I have moved to a new place, so for you information i am no longer stay in Benhil anymore but now in Karet Belakang, ya not too significant but I've a got a lot of new atmospheres including new friends here. I introduce you to Morgan or mimi because mimi is more Indonesian than Morgan (her lecturer said that so she was called mimi... isn't that cute hahaha) , Jaime and Amanda. Although we only known each other for a short time, but i know mimi want to be a good journalist, seems Amanda do travelling a lot also mimi and Jaime want to be a Mega-Star hahaha, but after all we all make friends and that night with a great Ceasar Salad and fancy mineral water we all had quite nice night, although I and mimi was leave early because we all hate Jakarta humid and air pollution who make us a bit headache, by the way good luck and wish us all the best yaaa, all thee way and everywhere - I wish to see them again someday somewhere.

So we are in The3house (The Three House) at Kuningan Village, a nice place for beer and i just love with their salads. Actually Ojan and I want to bring them to GI, we want to show them the real Indonesian traditional foods, but we ended up here with a night life, but thank god there is no damaging-eardrum music. Honestly I am bit quite that time, not so much talk, my salad was great hahaha and surprisingly meet our beautiful Zara OMG, this my second time met her, first time was in Men's Fashion Week, so glad to met her. Party still running and i see this Zara-Jaime-Ojan picture, beautiful Zara, Siberian Husky's eyes by Jaime (OK now you can be the next top model of Givenchy NOT Versace hahaha) and i have no idea about what's exactly Ojan doing there hahaha.

But they are all already get back to Australia, hmmm we'll see if I can go there to meet them again? I hope so - Sydney fashion week sounds good right? hahaha, then Melbourne, then Perth... ahhhh i hope so

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  1. cool! looks you had a lot of fun, btw, i followed u since last year, mind to follow me back? :)