What is Fashion Show all about? Typing “Fashion Show” on google and click enter hahaha, what the hell of course. So, as you know back in 1800’s when the high society in Paris held an private rich event called ‘fashion parade’ and strictly limited and seigneur only, then in the 1903 the American adapted this concept in New York, and now, everyone willing to steal the others seat. Something funny, that you invite all people to come and your fashion show becoming to a riot and can’t be ruled. And it is mostly happen here in Indonesia, local designers or even luxury brand, all the same, people are steal the others seat.

So what are the most important aspects to make an elegant, lavish, a great fashion show? Although when in Paris or New York is the latest, and here is still Fall/Winter, OMG even here is no snow. But almost all fashion show here is in a mess. Yes, people coming late, even the celebrities, and ya ok fashion editor, but it’s just because, in some cases, all seats are for socialite, ya ok we are back to the 1800’s. NO, its 2012, you have to know the real influencers, but we all love our dear socialite, but please buy our latest bags and shoes, oh and dresses too hahaha.

Anything to make a real fashion show:
  1. Provide the Runway; Have mercy on your models, provide the real runway, with carpets or stages and don’t let the people to step their feet on it. People blocking the models walk are perfectly disaster or you have invited people from PETA or what?
  2. Provide the seat; This is for the guests, don’t try to be edgy by letting your potential guests standing during your show, it is not edgy at all, I will assume that you cut your budget for the seat. The walking model and the standing guests is perfectly disaster.
  3. Canap├ęs are Essential; Provide this before and after the show, making your guests completely comfortable, beside that, this is for a complement in the middle of mingling.
  4. Who are the Guests? ; The potential influencers are the most important, and who they are? Potential buyers which is your loyal customer, fashion editor, fashion stylist, celebrities – socialite? It’s ok, but sometimes they are not even buy at all. So 100% socialite on your show is not recommended. Potential buyer have a possibility to buy your latest collection right after the show, but you know some of them even don’t have time to do this, so this is what fashion editor and fashion stylist do, influence your busy clients with our  thoughts, so be nice to us hahaha.
  5. The Venue; Club? Are you going to show your collection or will ruin everything. Come on, separating party with your main purpose of showing the collection. Store? Ok I know your idea is taking people go to your store and after the show they will buy your collection, its good but make sure there is runway and seats available. Private show or fashion week are the best, they really know make people aware of the collection, Chanel are the best, so it’s to be my dream to be in front row Chanel haute couture show. *fingercrossed*
  6. Goodie Bag; Yes, we are in a poor level of poorness, if you could not give the Antigona or the Birkin, lipstick are okay (?) hahaha I’m just kidding, it is only for your brand awareness balance and please do not put trashy freebies, like your on sale tie with 65% condition, please don’t do that.
So that's all the things that comes to my mind relating fashion show, i was thinking that fashion week at mall is the worst, but the CLUB is the worst, store in second worst, too much small and people are standing. Making this more conceptualized just for our convenience. By the way, in 23th February there will be an Indonesian Fashion Week in JCC, i wish for the best, and the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from lovely luxury are coming their way and in store already; Raoul, Kenzo, Etro etc and the local brand such as (X) S.M.L.

By the way I am wearing, Ralph Lauren two-buttoned jacket, Vintage floral see-through shirt, Zara pants, Burberry London belt, Unbranded sunglasses, Raoul Cufflinks and SNEC for Deluxshionist velvet moccasin shoes.

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  1. You make really good points. I hope someone out there is listening :)


    1. i hope so mik, i posted this article on twitter and there are a lot of fashion people following my twitter, i craving for a good and elegant fashion show

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment herdi *ketjup, and happy valentine's day too! i love your post, we should meet up sometimes when i come back to the J town aight!