Now Agnes Monica proved her that she is one of the best again by becoming the Brand Ambassador of a famous shampoo product - CLEAR, which was announced during the event BLACK AREA  by CLEAR, music event that also presented other ambassadors like Sherina Munaf and Marcello Tahitoe (Ello).

No doubt, that the effect of Agnes Monica as one of the top female singer in Indonesia can attract everyone. The figure was a hard worker who believes in her dream, yet she is very inspiring. She started her career since a very young age; probably Agnes Monica is the only Indonesia's most consistent artist in everything she did. She’s an artist since early age starting her career as a presenter of a music show in television when she was a child. In her teenage years, she was often seen in several television series as well as singing and she is now trying to embrace a more global career by starting cooperating with foreign musicians. She performed several times in the State and get awarded in the International music arena, it’s only fitting that she take this step. Because among other, she was also a very persistent and achievement oriented person.

Innovation is always presence in each of her show and action which create buzz. In terms of fashion, I see quite a lot of elements which she adapted from American singers but she then mix it with a touch of Asia. No doubt, her style is greatly influence the trends for the girls in Indonesia. Also her hair style show that Agnes Monica would not go unnoticed and proven that she’s a trend setter after all. Not to mention, a series of achievements that she recently won. She was also one of the hosts for the red carpet at the American Music Award and was nominated for the category Worldwide-Act Asia Pacific in the MTV Europe Music Award 2011. On top of that, she’s now working with Timbaland in creating her International album.

Amazing isn't it? With achievement like that, it’s fitting that CLEAR chosen Agnes Monica as their newest brand ambassador. MUSIC, STYLE and BREAKTHROUGH are the equities that represent both Agnes and CLEAR in common. I couldn't find any better event to introduce Agnes Monica as one of their new brand ambassador than BLACK AREA by CLEAR. It’s really cool how CLEAR making buzz and curiosity regarding their next brand ambassador in DIGITAL, before revealing her. And how the media is also waiting for the next talented young-star CLEAR

Her performances at BLACK AREA By CLEAR

Now that Agnes Monica proved her action again by becoming the Brand Ambassador of a famous shampoo product – CLEAR. Good choice for CLEAR by choosing one with an energetic and strong personality, representing a beauty and unyielding spirit in achieving a dream. Previously a series of other talented names who the first have become front liners of CLEAR, with the merger of Agnes Monica, I think this is a symbiotic mutual-ism where CLEAR is an international caliber product with the vision and mission in harmony with Agnes Monica, of course, for this result we hope that CLEAR and Agnes Monica may present other surprises which can certainly inspiring all CLEAR and Agnes Monica lovers everywhere.

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  1. Interesting! I can't wait to see where Clear runs with having Agnes Monica as their brand ambassador! Should be fun! x

  2. great post...she looks so fresh and beautiful...thanks for sharing...

    a kiss from the

  3. She looks fabulous, I truly understand why clear has chosen her!!

  4. always love Agnes Monica!! wondering kapan suara gue bisa seapik dia. thanks for left a comment on my blog Herdi, gue udah follow ente dari jaman jebot via ifb, yes *cubit*

  5. ohemji, minta yang dari bloglovin juga toh? -____- okay okay. twitter juga udah tuh, udah gue mention juga dirimu