Calvin Klein Collection - Spring 2011


Pictures Via Style/CK Collection

CK collection this time selecting a simple cutting and neat design, the color selection from pastel colors, soft colors to colors that give the impression of a futuristic become a mainstay of the CK designer  for this Spring / Summer 2011. Not too many new things that are found except for a shirt that is cut in a straight line over the abdomen that looks so nerd. whatever that meant, clothing to support sporting activities or simply as daily home apparel. but that obviously was not to use in public place, still better if your body have a good shape. but it is would love to have a pair of shoes :D...Overall CK collection this time is --- 7 from 10 ---

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  1. im glad i came across your blog-there isnt many mens blogs out there so im gonna follow you now :)

  2. thank you so much, now I'm trying to build my blog as a blog that is fun and easy to read, as well as blogs that can inspire those people who love fashion from around the world ... hopefully more to provide quality and useful contents... :D

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