Sometimes perfume also evolve over time, but is not an easy thing to choose perfume that match with the tastes and will be your personal characteristic. While every season always out new Perfumes from both lines celebrity and fashion house, but if you have fallen in love with a particular smell you choose, it is likely to continue to use it. but it is never hurts to try something new. There are two options which i recommend to you this season 2010, or even for the 2011 season... we will discuss more here... 

GUESS by Marciano

Its top notes are Frozen Ginger Mandarin, Iced Tonic Freshness and Fresh Black Pepper. The heart of this fragrance is Wet Violet Leaf, Star Fruit, Neroli Petals, Fresh Sage, Lavender and Rosemary. These notes make the fragrance more richer. Finally, GUESS by Marciano dries down to Soft Leather, Patchouli Bud, Ebony, Amber and Skin Musk notes. The base notes creates a sensual lingering scent on any man's body. Suitable for use in the cold season, warm scent will accompany the activities and also will bring warmth to the surrounding

Azzaro Chrome

Chrome originates in the metallic blue gaze of designer Loris Azzaro, whose love of the Mediterranean inspired the the fresh, aquatic, and musky men's fragrance. A linear fragrance, Chrome remains true from spray to dry down, allowing all of the elements to fully express their character. A fragrance that appeals to all men, Chrome is a classic for every generation. Perfect worn in the summer, when activity around the dense and hot atmosphere, this perfume gives sanity itself as an oasis in the desert

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