5 disasterous in mens fashion 2010

Hmmm i could not sleep till I post this thing...hahaha LOL. It is insignificant but it would not hurt too if you read and see what opinions I am going to express. There is no need to doubt if fashion is a reflection of personal tastes and which can not be contested. Fashion era is develop and going continues to change over time, but very often people think that being fashionable is always wearing the goods up to date stuffs, without realizing that what they wear is potential as a character assassination attempted... i am mean this is serious you are good and so kind, Do not make me afraid because of what you wear. What will I write this time about 5 items of fashion elements that will make you look so terrible,.. but if you smart in fashion you can wear everything :D ... Lets we find out...

Too Deep V-neck T-shirt

Maxi Harem Pants
Silver Sneakers Shoes

Buttoned T-shirt
Bow Tie

OK this is the simple explanation from me about 5 items which is can be your fashion disaster:
  1. When V-neck T-shirt going too deep, will be better if it is just simple V-neck T-shirt, designated as one of the innovations of fashion to make your neck longer, instead become a means of showing off the chest area. Especially if you hang a glasses on its neck -___-"
  2. When harem pants looks like elephantiasis disease, indeed and what the heck are you thinking off...you want stole some watermelon from supermarket and hiding it behind your harem..an other -____-"
  3. When your pair of shoes wants fly to the moon, thanks to god there is  no wings on the shoes. i am not too sure, is too futuristic or is so 2000. When Hugo Boss, Lanvin H&M even Christian Loubutin launch their shiny lace up shoes, ya the color exactly the same with this sneakers.. i am impress with its design but not with the color...
  4. When your buttoned shirt makes you looks like gay, do not use this if you have extra fat in your belly aka distended, but in fact so many people who wearing this, and this is your time to show that you are smart in fashion... and for sure you cant use this as single top.
  5. When your bow tie strangle and pull you into the past, as long as you can wear this bow tie is right on its place. Distinguishing between formal and casual, but most of it were disastrous. 
Just be smart, be confident and love yourself... you have identity of your on own way and to represent who really you are. Fashion is for everyone but you can choose which is blend with you personality and your pocket...hahaha Good night all :D

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  1. too deep Vneck itu yang menurut gw UR SO GAY! kalo masalah T*PM*N buttoned tee it's so last year! with bright color? ahhaha Basi banget.

  2. yes,, its going too "deep", both with buttoned tee...indeed it is so last year,,but there is so many stock in their store...terrible ckckck

  3. agree! i never wear buttoned up shirt as single top, i always wear it with outwear like blazer or vest...

  4. yayaya.. IMO, fashion is on our outer look, but sexual preferency is inner one ya :) review yg bgus anyhow...

  5. hahahaha tapi menurut gw 5 barang di atas ini terlihat salah... siapun yang pake yah... terlalu over... munkin bow-tie masih OK lah...tapli kalo udah segede kupu-kupu si rama-rama...hahahaha nyerah deh gw...

  6. Love the bow tie and the buttoned T-Shirt. Want !!