Dress Shirt - Dolce & Gabbana

LITTLE WHITE SHIRT - Some of you might be thinks this is a small deal, ya but when it comes to something that very basic and so essential in men's fashion? should you go for the best one or like, I have a lot of them but not really good though?

You can mentioning A to Z well-known labels and of course they are producing a lot of finest white shirt. It's white, plain, people can not recognize anything whether it's US $875 Brioni Reale Dress Shirt (well some people maybe recognized it, there is some reason behind its value, by visual matter like color, shine, rumpled level etc etc) or even Tommy Hilfiger Texture Oxford Dress Shirt for US $45 which maybe cheaper but if we compared to quality, its totally different, obviously.

So now 1 Brioni? 3 Dolce & Gabbana? or 20 Tommy Hilfiger? They are all in white people --". This is what i think, we have to look to our background, but 1 white shirt is catastrophically essential even you are not a shirt person, I am sure that you need it someday. I am sorry but 20 all Tommy's hmmm I don't think so, 1 Brioni too, it is too much. I prefer take 1 Dolce & Gabbana, 1 Lanvin, 2 Hugo Boss White Shirt & 1 H&M short sleeve maybe (absolute).

Take Dolce or Lanvin for a special occasion like wedding, or Gala, you know it will completed your lavish night, all a long and Hugo Boss for a day or your night casual hang out, with blue jeans and light black blazer, and wine? perfect, but if you do to much night-out, like your occupation could be a club or fine dining PR, get some more :), for this case, think of the possibility you will got wine or lasagna spilled on your shirt and the short sleeve for style stockpile, but when I looking back to myself, I need more white shirts, and I will start looking for more... a little white shirt.


  1. I feel ya. I need more button downs of all kinds- white, plaid, flannel. They're such necessities! And although a really nice brand would be nice to have, I usually wear them under things (I understand it's different for guys), so I tend to look for the bargain when it comes to these.

    The Kris Bliss

  2. A little white shirt is the epitome of our little black dress.
    It's a must ;)

  3. Adorable!!! Would you like to follow each other? let me know or you can follow me and I will follow you back! xoxo




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