November 2010

Denim is the material which is identical to the pants that we often wear everyday, strong materials, elastic, and durable denim should be entitled to be aspects of why so many fans into this fabric all around the world. Expert in processing denim, Levi's that survive in this business hold the throne, made also in the form of a bag that looks classy complete with high-quality leather. some big names such as Louis Vuitton, YSL, Prada, even Lanvin made a version of their bags with a touch on their own characteristic, bag made of denim that you should have.
Levi's Workwear by Filson
Louis Vuitton Luxurious Denim Bag
YSL Blue Denim Hobo Bag
Prada Denim Bag
Lanvin Dark Denim 48 Hours Travel Bag Style

Video Courtesy Youtube/MBFW New York 
Pictures Via GQ/Custo Barcelona

Reminded of caramel ice cream when you saw one of custo barcelona Menswear collections on this spring 2011 show. Festive evening of Mercedez Benz fashion week on September 15th 2010 in new york was attended by fashion lovers and the ranks of Hollywood celebrities. Angela Simmons andKimora Lee Simmons are a few who were present to enliven the evening. Back to the show, a collection that was exhibited in this season looks very bold, distinctive designer Custo Dalmau who chose a lightweight fabric makes this such a work of art in a bandage dress full of originality, sensual and free. Overall both men and women dress designs ---- 8 from 10 ---


Selection of safe colors such as pastels, gray, black and white in the collection of national costume this time seems not to be an interesting thing, but the choice of materials and a unique cutting is impressed something different. Modernity of the works is simple and uncomplicated, like the double zipper jacket, black toe shape and luxurious semi-transparent fabric that makes more stylish looks. --- 8 from 10 ---

This Spring Summer Comme des Garçons looks likely to monotony with a touch of distinctive skull monogram as like from movie "nightmare on Christmas" ... nothing too exciting attention, but if you like this brand ... you can grab a few shirts, shoes and jackets to the collection this season ... maybe someday you will appear in the movie "nightmare on Christmas" .. good luck ... overalls from ---7 from 10---

Pictures Via Style/CK Collection

CK collection this time selecting a simple cutting and neat design, the color selection from pastel colors, soft colors to colors that give the impression of a futuristic become a mainstay of the CK designer  for this Spring / Summer 2011. Not too many new things that are found except for a shirt that is cut in a straight line over the abdomen that looks so nerd. whatever that meant, clothing to support sporting activities or simply as daily home apparel. but that obviously was not to use in public place, still better if your body have a good shape. but it is would love to have a pair of shoes :D...Overall CK collection this time is --- 7 from 10 ---
Sometimes perfume also evolve over time, but is not an easy thing to choose perfume that match with the tastes and will be your personal characteristic. While every season always out new Perfumes from both lines celebrity and fashion house, but if you have fallen in love with a particular smell you choose, it is likely to continue to use it. but it is never hurts to try something new. There are two options which i recommend to you this season 2010, or even for the 2011 season... we will discuss more here... 

GUESS by Marciano

Its top notes are Frozen Ginger Mandarin, Iced Tonic Freshness and Fresh Black Pepper. The heart of this fragrance is Wet Violet Leaf, Star Fruit, Neroli Petals, Fresh Sage, Lavender and Rosemary. These notes make the fragrance more richer. Finally, GUESS by Marciano dries down to Soft Leather, Patchouli Bud, Ebony, Amber and Skin Musk notes. The base notes creates a sensual lingering scent on any man's body. Suitable for use in the cold season, warm scent will accompany the activities and also will bring warmth to the surrounding

Azzaro Chrome

Chrome originates in the metallic blue gaze of designer Loris Azzaro, whose love of the Mediterranean inspired the the fresh, aquatic, and musky men's fragrance. A linear fragrance, Chrome remains true from spray to dry down, allowing all of the elements to fully express their character. A fragrance that appeals to all men, Chrome is a classic for every generation. Perfect worn in the summer, when activity around the dense and hot atmosphere, this perfume gives sanity itself as an oasis in the desert
Hmmm i could not sleep till I post this thing...hahaha LOL. It is insignificant but it would not hurt too if you read and see what opinions I am going to express. There is no need to doubt if fashion is a reflection of personal tastes and which can not be contested. Fashion era is develop and going continues to change over time, but very often people think that being fashionable is always wearing the goods up to date stuffs, without realizing that what they wear is potential as a character assassination attempted... i am mean this is serious you are good and so kind, Do not make me afraid because of what you wear. What will I write this time about 5 items of fashion elements that will make you look so terrible,.. but if you smart in fashion you can wear everything :D ... Lets we find out...

Too Deep V-neck T-shirt

Maxi Harem Pants
Silver Sneakers Shoes

Buttoned T-shirt
Bow Tie

OK this is the simple explanation from me about 5 items which is can be your fashion disaster:
  1. When V-neck T-shirt going too deep, will be better if it is just simple V-neck T-shirt, designated as one of the innovations of fashion to make your neck longer, instead become a means of showing off the chest area. Especially if you hang a glasses on its neck -___-"
  2. When harem pants looks like elephantiasis disease, indeed and what the heck are you thinking want stole some watermelon from supermarket and hiding it behind your other -____-"
  3. When your pair of shoes wants fly to the moon, thanks to god there is  no wings on the shoes. i am not too sure, is too futuristic or is so 2000. When Hugo Boss, Lanvin H&M even Christian Loubutin launch their shiny lace up shoes, ya the color exactly the same with this sneakers.. i am impress with its design but not with the color...
  4. When your buttoned shirt makes you looks like gay, do not use this if you have extra fat in your belly aka distended, but in fact so many people who wearing this, and this is your time to show that you are smart in fashion... and for sure you cant use this as single top.
  5. When your bow tie strangle and pull you into the past, as long as you can wear this bow tie is right on its place. Distinguishing between formal and casual, but most of it were disastrous. 
Just be smart, be confident and love yourself... you have identity of your on own way and to represent who really you are. Fashion is for everyone but you can choose which is blend with you personality and your pocket...hahaha Good night all :D
Yes high couturier lanvin now collaborate with middle board fashion brand H&M for their limited edition which is will launch of this November. Signs of upscale fashion that will begin to be felt by various economic classes, represents the design is classy simple and stylish typical of French fashion house. Start from women dress till blazer for men is under US $100, make this collection as one that will take over the fashion market. we will look forward to other collaborations, so we can enjoy fashion at affordable prices :)
Good evening all :) is long time not posting something here...i am kinda..k-kinda...hehehe, but by the way i have story about my friends newest ray-ban sunglasses...ok i will not tell you the story...but it make me check ray ban official website and i found this... very creative urban entertaining wayfarer rare print video campaign...take a look...


Flowers Head, Cartoon Head and Kiss... interesting video campaign from Ray Ban, is just like if you wearing that glasses something fun will happen to you, i mean really...i am so happy to posting something like this...
All video and products from Ray Ban